Dragon Monarch System

Chapter 673 673:- Goddess Luna


'How long it has been since I have eaten anything?' A young man thought as he looked at his hungry stomach. It had been days since he had last eaten anything. The young man was sitting by the edge of the Blue Pearl River with a fishing rod.

The fishing rod was nothing but a large stick with a rope tied to the end. As for the bait, he had found an earthworm nearby.

He has been sitting by the river for a long time now. He can't remember just how much time has passed. He has been sitting on this spot since early in the morning and now it was evening. The sun was going to set in an hour and a half.

The whole day he has been sitting here with the hopes of catching something. But till now, he hasn't even been able to catch even a single fish.

Every 20 to 30 minutes later, he would pull the fishing rod to check if the bait was still there. And from morning to now, not even a single fish has bitten this bait. This was a sign that the Blue Pearl River finally had run out of fish. At least in this part of the river, there was no fish left.

Even before the situation in Myra worsened, the whole city was already heavily dependent on fishing. More than 2/3rd of the entire City's diet consisted of whatever was caught from the Blue Peral River.

But since the beginning of this year, the people who couldn't afford to buy food or hunt food were left with no choice but to try their luck in fishing.

Just like the young man, there were at least a hundred others sitting on both sides of the river with the hopes of catching even one fish. Just like the young man, everyone else also had come here very early in the morning.

However, the situation looked more and more hopeless with each passing hour. The day was about to come to an end and till now not a single person has caught a fish. There was no movement of fish in the water.

"When will this suffering come to an end?" As he asked these words to himself, tears formed in his eyes and made his vision blurry for a few seconds before two drops of tears rolled down his cheeks.

He was just 11 years old boy. He was a severely malnourished boy. He was wearing a torn-out short that was covered in dirt. His upper body was naked. Except for the handmade fishing rod that he was holding, there was nothing valuable on his body.

Ender has lived this whole life in poverty. But things always weren't used to be this extreme. Even though, before he and his family struggled a lot, at least, they managed to secure their daily meals. But now even that wasn't possible.

The young man had completely lost his hope. While sitting here for so many hours, many times, the thought of throwing away this fishing rod had come to his mind as he knew that he was just wasting time by sitting here. There was no fish in the river.

But when he thought about the conditions of his loved ones, the young man hesitated. Even if there was a 0.0000001% chance that he would catch a fish today, the young man still wanted to keep trying.

The reason the young man was so desperate was because of the severe condition of his older sister. In such tough times, his married sister gave birth to her first child. To get food for his older sister and the newborn child, his brother-in-law was killed by the gangs. When that happened, there was no sound for justice.

People just closed their eyes and turned their heads away as they did not want to associate themselves with this matter. As they feared that associating themselves with this matter would only get them killed. And no one wanted to die. Everyone valued their own lives.

It had been over a day since his sister had eaten. Despite being so young, Ender did not want his big sister's child to die out of hunger. Being pushed into such a desperate situation, Ender came out to the river in hopes of catching even just one fish.

"Young man, why are you sitting here all day even though you know in your heart that you won't catch anything?" Suddenly a female voice gently asked Ender.

Ender kept staring at the river in a daze and replied. "Because I believe in miracles."

"Miracles?" The female was surprised.

'This child has such a strong will.'

"Other than believing in Miracles, what other options do I really have in this situation?" The young man asked her back in a mature tone as he turned to look at her.

When he looked at her, he was stunned to find one of the most beautiful women that he had ever laid his eyes on standing next to him.

"Would you believe that I am a Goddess if you catch a big fish right now?" The woman asked in a very gentle and soothing tone.

"I don't see why not?" The young man replied.

'As long as I can catch a fish, I am ready to believe in anything.' He thought in his mind.

Besides, he felt that only a Goddess could be this beautiful and have such an otherworldly Aura around her.

Meanwhile, the appearance of such a beautiful lady in such a place had attracted the attention of everyone. Everyone instead of focusing on catching fish turned their attention to the woman who was talking to Ender.

Everyone wanted to see how she was going to create a miracle.

The mysterious woman closed her eyes. The next second, her entire body started glowing in a bright golden color. The glow was so intense that Ender and many others who were nearby had to close their eyes or cover their eyes with their hands.

The next second something strange started happening in Blue Pearl River. The color of the river's water rapidly changed to change. The water started turning golden. It looked like a golden liquid was flowing through the river.

"What is happening?" Everyone was already stunned seeing this.

The next second, to everyone's shock, big fish started flying out of the river. One big fish landed on Ender's arm. The fish did not even struggle with his arms. Everyone had fish in their hands.

Then the golden liquid of the water started to fade and everything returned to normal. At the same time, the mysterious woman opened her eyes as the intense golden glow around her disappeared.

"Who are you, kind lady?" Ender innocently asked. At this moment, everyone also had the same question in their hands.

The mysterious lady spread her arms and said. "I am the Goddess of Light. My name is Luna."

Lady Luna was wearing a long black dress that enveloped her in its elegant expanse. The fabric draped gracefully over her form and was adorned with golden designs that traced along the dress like complex paths. A hood which was a part of the same rich garment, rested gently on her head and concealed her long silky silver hair. The dress's sleeves hung with a gentle weight, ending in a soft caress at her wrists. Around her waist, a golden sash cinched the fabric, giving shape to the otherwise flowing robe.

"Tell me, young man, do you believe that I am a Goddess?" Lady Luna asked in a very gentle tone.

"Yes.....!!" Ender repeatedly nodded his head while holding the big fish that was twice bigger than the length of his arm.

It wasn't just Ender, others also nodded their heads at the same time.

Seeing this Luna just gently smiled.

"Go.....!! Your loved ones are waiting for you." Lady Luna gently encouraged Ender to head home.

"Thank you, Goddess. I won't forget this favor." Saying this, Ender hurriedly began to run home at his full pace.

Lady Luna was about to leave when someone called her from behind.

"Can I please have your attention for a few seconds?" A skinny tall young man walked up to Goddess Luna.

"You want me to heal your sick daughter, right?" The Goddess said with a smile.

"But how do you know?" The young man appeared to be very shocked hearing this.

"How do you know this?" His mouth was wide open. Others who also personally knew the young man were also shocked.

"I am a Goddess, after all. Come, let's not waste any time here." The young man could only dumbly nod his head and follow the Goddess Luna. At the same time, the crowd which had become very curious about the Goddess also decided to follow her and see everything that she was going to do with their own eyes.



The Goddess along with a large crowd went to the skinny tall young man's house. They found that it was true that the young man's daughter was seriously ill and malnourished.

"Goddess..." The young man pleadingly looked at the goddess. He had already lost his wife. He did not want to lose his daughter as well.

"Don't worry." Luna just waved her hand. The next second, a warm golden light enveloped the sleeping child. The child woke up and looked confused for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, everyone was left astonished seeing the child's malnourished body recovering at a visible rate. Her skinny body disappeared as well as the paleness on her face.

"I don't think even cultivators could accomplish something like this." By now everyone was convinced that Goddess Luna was a true goddess.

"Goddess, I can't thank you enough." The young man started crying while kneeling in front of Luna.

Seeing this Luna just smiled and said nothing in response.

"Goddess, please heal my dying mother."

"Goddess, please help my brother."


Seeing that the Goddess had the power to do anything, everyone started various requests from her. All the requests were mostly about curing the sick, and about giving food.

Due to the commotion, even more crowds began to gather.

Even the gangs and the guards of the City also gathered to see what was going on. Even they were left stunned and in utter shock seeing the power of the Goddess of Luna.

Within just a few hours, the whole City of Myra had learned about the news of the Goddess of Luna and Godly powers.

Goddess Luna was very patient with everyone. She filled everyone's requests. She healed the sick and brought people back from the brink of death.

Due to her arrival, the peace was restored in the city of Myra within just hours.

"My Lady, the City Lord of Myra would like to see you. If you're free then I am ready to personally take you there." A few of the guards walked up to Luna in the afternoon and said.

Luna was busy with healing a sick couple.

Once she was done, she looked at the guards and just nodded her head. "I am done. Let's go." Luna also wanted to meet the City Lord of Myra.

"Everything has to stop. The people of Myra deserve better. As the Goddess of Light, I will make sure that justice is served and peace is brought to this amazing City." Hearing this all, everyone started cheering for Goddess Luna. In such a short period of time, Goddess Luna had built a strong and unbreakable image in everyone's minds.

It was as if everyone knew that Goddess Luna would be able to bring peace to Myra city. No one doubted what the Goddess said.

"Let's go." At the same time, a massive crowd followed the Goddess because they already had become devote followers of the Goddess. They did not trust the City Lord. Who knows the City Lord might try to harm the Goddess? If the City Lord did something like that, they were going to protect their Goddess. In such a short period of time, the crowd had gotten so attached to the Goddess that they were willing to give up their lives for her.


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