Domineering Mr. CEO and His Impudent Love

Chapter 130 - 133: She was moved to tears by her mother-in-law

Chapter 130: Chapter 133: She was moved to tears by her mother-in-law

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“Aunt… How are you, are you alright!”

“I’m fine!” Emma Shaw propped herself up and stood.

She stood outside the Lucas family’s mansion, staring scornfully at the tightly closed gates.

“Emily Taylor, one should get sentimental even when raising a dog… You’ve treated me this way today, don’t blame me for being ruthless in the future!” Her voice was low and chilling, filled with the deepest hatred.

“Aunt…” Angelina Shaw started in a quivering voice.

“Hmph, what is there to be afraid of… Joan Wellington has already been persuaded back by us. It won’t be long before that woman returns. Keep the video I asked you to record earlier, there will be a time when it comes in handy!”


After Emma Shaw and Angelina Shaw were thrown out, Emily Taylor looked guiltily at Lily Gray.

“Lily… I’m sorry you had to endure this farce today. They pleaded with me to let them come and apologize to you, and 1 agreed out of soft-heartedness. Don’t worry, I won’t let them come and disturb you again in the future… Focus on taking care of your pregnancy. Don’t let things like this upset you.”

Emily Taylor’s gentle and bright eyes seemed fixated on Lily Gray.

She regretted it deeply, if she had known earlier that Emma Shaw would cause trouble, she wouldn’t have brought her to see Lily Gray.

“Don’t worry, mom. The doctor said I’m recovering really well, I’m not so fragile that I can’t handle even this.”

If initially, Lily Gray had some resentment in her heart towards Emily Taylor, after this ordeal, her perspective of Emily completely changed.

Unlike women who always side with their own family, Emily Taylor doesn’t seem to be thoughtless.

“Mmm, as long as you’re okay, I’m relieved. Oh right, I came to see you today, and I also brought you a gift.”

She took out a file from her bag and handed it to Lily Gray.

“This is…” Lily Gray took the folder and flipped through it, “This is the shares of the Gray family!”

“Yes, indeed.” Emily Taylor smiled warmly, “In the past, 1 misunderstood you. But later, I got someone to find out more about you and realized how hard you’ve had it.”

“These shares amounted to all the dispersed shares of the Gray family that were on the market. I knew these shares were important to you so I took the initiative and bought them back for you. Unfortunately, there aren’t many dispersed shares of the Gray family, only 8%. You can have them first, and if there’s an opportunity in the future, we can slowly accumulate more.”

“Mom…” Lily Gray’s voice choked back tears, almost about to cry.

She had never expected that Emily Taylor would help her buy back the scattered shares of the Gray family.

These shares might not be worth much to the Lucas family, but the thoughtfulness behind this gesture is not something that can be measured in monetary terms.

“Silly kid, why cry… Look at you, you’re about to cry like a kitten! Come on, wipe your tears away, otherwise Ethan Wilson will think I bullied you when he gets back!”

Lily Gray wiped her face awkwardly, and suddenly a familiar male voice sounded from behind her, “Mom, who did you bully? Don’t tell me you took advantage of me being not around to bully my wife?”

Aidan Lucas appeared behind them out of the blue, no one knew when he entered.

“I can’t even find the time to pamper your wife, why would I bully her.”

Emily Taylor glared at her son disapprovingly, teasing him, “Why did you come back so early today? You don’t usually come home this early. Why, were you afraid that mom would bully your wife, so you came home early!?”

Aidan Lucas’s eyes shimmered, his dark gaze landed on Lily Gray’s face, “How could that be, 1 didn’t have much to do today, so 1 came back early..”

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