Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3552 Scroll of Origin

Chapter 3552 Scroll of Origin

The young man retracted his death energy after giving a show of force as though warning the imitator before continuing to stare at him with an amused smile.

"If you are really a Divine Inquisitor from the Reincarnation Dimension, what are you here for? I don't think I have anything that might entertain you or… me."

"That's not for you to say."

The Divine Inquisitor coldly responded.

He was suspicious of this person but wanted to get away as soon as possible.

Being close to an Anarchic Divergent was really not a good idea. The more time he spent with an Anarchic Divergent, the more time his own superiors would question him because fate around these people couldn't be seen, and he could get caught in it too.

That's why no one went to meet the World Master ever since they gave her the privilege having her universe be in included in the Reincarnation Wheel's range. It wasn't for her but for the sake of her universe and the lives living in it as lost souls are a matter of forlorn endeavor for anyone in the Reincarnation Dimension.

Therefore, they hadn't exactly offended the heavens and were clear.

But if they, the representatives of the Reincarnation Dimension, spent more time with the Anarchic Divergents, would they be free of responsibility?

It was hard to say, so it would be better to stay away from them.

Since he should hurry, he cast his gaze at the crimson-robed woman who seemed fairly quiet even though she didn't appear to be able to see him or question the young man about who he was talking to.

He looked back at the scroll, looking at the words that etched themselves.


True Name: Gilda Zenflame

Father: Farley Zenflame

Mother: Lafa Zenflame

Universal Title: None

Past Lives: Lowa Ian, Rika Maximiz, Gaya Inqa, — —

Karmic Debts: None

Soul Contracts: None

Love Bound: None

Destiny: ——

Potential: ——

Period of Life: Sixty-two thousand years

Status: Dead





The Divine Inquisitor noticed something strange about the woman. Her period of life was sixty-two thousand years, but her date of birth was something he could also see. It was around twenty thousand years ago, so her status of death didn't make sense unless-

"You revived this woman known as Gilda Zenflame?"

He cast a look at the young man and asked.

The young man's expression twitched ever so lightly.

"That would… be the case."

"This is a paperwork I didn't think I needed to handle."

The Divine Inquisitor's deathly aura fluctuated, appearing to be incensed. However, the young man appeared quite carefree and even prideful.

"Well, I'm a famous womanizer. The beauties I place my eyes on…"

Davis reached out his hand, lifting Gilda Zenflame's chin, "They're mine regardless of whether they're living or not."

"My love…" Gilda Zenflame shuddered ever so lightly, but her cheeks were also slightly rosy, "Who are you talking with?"

She was a crimson-haired woman with a lovely and gentle countenance, appearing to be spellbound with the man yet also scared by the situation.

"It's none of your concern."

Davis leaned and glared at her, looking as though he was going to plunder a kiss, but then turned around to look at the Divine Inquisitor.

"What? Do you want to see us mate under the lovely skies? Is the Reincarnation Dimension that shameless, invading every single room of privacy under the heavens?


The Divine Inquisitor appeared incensed as the aura around him fluctuated heavily over the accusation, but at this moment, the other two female Divine Inquisitors returned, shouting something.


Davis's eyes narrowed.

He was keenly listening, but inwardly, he was shocked that his plan to escape from enemies in the true immortal world actually worked here.

'Holy fuck! Karmic impersonation using the souls I robbed actually works…! This person… a being who actually claims to be from the Reincarnation Dimensions, a Divine Inquisitor at that who seems to be capable of looking at one's history and origin, has actually confused Myria with Gilda Zenflame, one of the Immortal King souls I plundered when killing the Fire Phoenixes…!'

Originally, he only hoped to fool them into thinking that it wasn't Myria, allowing her to escape to a safe place, but he didn't think they would bring out a scroll that recorded the origins of a person. He should've known, considering they could've been from the reincarnation cycle as Myria mentioned. Still, he had no other choice but to use the plan that he kept for the true immortal world.

It was supposed to be a trump card, and that too by using his own powers, so even if it ends up getting exposed, it could be at least used to escape one time. It was his surefire way of leaving scot-free even if he was caught once he appeared in the true immortal world.

He wasn't just sucking his thumb, thinking about nothing when the World Master would eventually throw him out.

But he still hadn't reached such a level in Karmic Laws and couldn't impersonate as he pleased, so he was forced to use Fallen Heaven to hide Myria.

He didn't think he could hide himself considering his name and title were plastered everywhere in this region.

Anyone would know him, so he didn't use it on himself, but the same couldn't be said about Myria. He hoped that she could hide as long as he cloaked in her the veil of someone else.

It turned out Fallen Heaven's Karmic Impersonation could even fool the origin-like scrolls of the Divine Inquisitor of the Reincarnation Dimension!

It was such a pleasant thing to hear as it increased his chances of surviving in the true immortal world, even if by a slight margin, but he wondered what kind of fate bubbles he had caused at this moment, as this should be a major point in fate.

'Or… are these people not supposed to- no, unable to interfere with fate…?'

It didn't make sense for people from the reincarnation cycle to be messing with fates.

Davis's mind was running at full speed, wondering what he should do next.

He should make the correct choice to come out of this situation that he was suddenly forced to encounter.

As far as he could guess, reincarnated beings weren't taken away unless their time came to an end, and the male-voiced Divine Inquisitor seemed to know that Gilda Zenflame had died early from his machinations of changing fate as an Anarchic Divergent, hence, inferred that she was revived by him.

He was hoping that they wouldn't take Gilda Zenflame or, rather, Myria away. Otherwise, Alia Silverwind, who got reincarnated three times, and his master Garvin Woller's wife, who also got reincarnated, would've been taken away by these Divine Inquisitors or death reapers from the myths already.

To him, they looked like death reapers enough with how they were fully clad in black, only missing a scythe.

After the two Divine Inquisitors shouted something, they hid their discussion from him, finally turning to look at him as their auras flared.

As far as he could hear, one visited his home, and the other Saintess Lunaria's palace was still nearby.

Did they possibly find the remnant aura of the reincarnation cycle?

However, it was already cleared, but with these entities, he wondered if they could even pick up the slightest trace!

Then, did Saintess Lunaria expose him? However, he didn't say anything to her as she had messed up, and he didn't explain himself except for the part where Myria confessed she had slept with him.


Davis still had an amused expression, but his fists were clenched ever so lightly as he sensed their aggressive notions.

Were they going to attack him or take Gilda Zenflame— his Myria away?

If he and Myria failed to escape this situation, he was prepared to take Myria's hand and unleash Fallen Heaven because he had enough of being strung around.

They wanted to investigate what caused the trillions of tugs in the souls? He'll let them have it right in their faces!

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