Die, Replay, Repeat

Chapter 140

# **Chapter 140 Possession**

The Blood Moon was getting bigger, not because it was actually growing, but because it was falling. As it kept falling, the Blood Moon seemed to get larger and larger.

Then, with a loud bang, the Blood Moon crashed on Fang Xiu, hard. Strangely, however, the Blood Moon only affected Fang Xiu.

When the Blood Moon hit him, Fang Xiu wasn't hurt at all. Instead, he found himself in a red space shaped like a sphere.

"Inside the Blood Moon, huh? Interesting," Fang Xiu muttered, not scared at all; instead, he smiled as if he found the situation amusing.

Suddenly, Nightmare appeared in the red space.

"You won't be laughing for long, Fang Xiu," Nightmare sneered.

A flash of silver light zipped by, but the scalpel passed right through Nightmare's body as if cutting through air.

"It's no use. Right now, I'm just an illusion. You won't see my true form until you break free from this state. With your current strength, you won't last long," Nightmare said.

But before he could finish, Fang Xiu was back to normal, and the dark mist around him vanished instantly, surprising Nightmare.

"You're giving up already? That's like asking for death. Your body is already at its limit. You can't unleash the power of the Specter in the scalpel again," Nightmare said.

"Enough talk," Fang Xiu interrupted. "Show yourself. I want to see what surprise you have for me."

Nightmare smirked and became solid. "I admire your confidence, Fang Xiu, but it doesn't matter, you know. Your body's mine now!"

Nightmare walked toward Fang Xiu slowly, trying to pressure him.

"Someone said something similar last time, but he died after that. Do you want to try too?" Fang Xiu asked.

Nightmare's smile grew. "You think I can't take your body because you're fearless? Maybe you're right. Taking over a body is a battle of minds. And against a monster without fear like you, I might not win. But I'm different now. I have the fears of all Greenvine City. The consciousness of those who died in the Specter Zone is under my control. Maybe I can't beat your mind alone, but what about with a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand people? How will you fight me then?"

As soon as Nightmare finished, countless figures appeared in the red space, filling it up. There were people floating in the air and on the ground, even crowding around Fang Xiu.

The figures around Fang Xiu were transparent, each face showing deep fear and pain. It was as if they were forever stuck in a nightmare.

"You should tremble now, Fang Xiu! Tremble under fear, and be my nourishment!" Nightmare laughed wildly.

It thought it had Fang Xiu trapped. By keeping him in the Blood Moon space, there was no escape or interference from others.

Fang Xiu seemed to have no way out, and once these consciousnesses wore him down, Nightmare would take over. Even the strongest mind couldn't stand against tens of thousands.

Nightmare thought it totally had the whole game under control.

"Attack!" Nightmare commanded, like a general leading his troops.

A horrifying scene unfolded as the dense consciousnesses in the Blood Moon space, like ghosts, crazily rushed into Fang Xiu. One by one, thousands, tens of thousands, they seemed endless.

Fang Xiu could feel countless voices screaming in pain within his mind. Any ordinary person would have been lost in this sea of consciousness in an instant, yet Fang Xiu was anything but.

Soon, Nightmare entered Fang Xiu's mind and was immediately taken aback. "Is this really a human's mind? It's so dark, even darker than a Specter."

Fang Xiu's mind was a deep, twisted darkness, like a black hole. At its center stood Fang Xiu's consciousness, calmly looking around at the dense figures, unbothered.

Despite his surprise, Nightmare was confident. "Fang Xiu, I underestimated you. But I was cautious not to come alone. Your mind may be darker than a Specter's, but against overwhelming numbers, you will surely lose. Attack!"

The consciousnesses roared towards Fang Xiu in the center of the black hole. As they entered, negative emotions surged, and the black hole spun rapidly, shredding the first few consciousnesses that approached.

Nightmare was secretly alarmed but glad he had made his decision.

As more consciousnesses rushed in, the black hole trembled violently, as if it couldn't handle them all.

Eventually, the darkness shattered, revealing a void.

Fang Xiu's mind was indeed twisted and dark, enough to instantly shatter ordinary minds with its violent negative emotions.

However, everything has a limit. If Fang Xiu's negative emotions were poison, there was only so much to go around.

A certain amount of poison can kill one person, ten, or a hundred, but diluted too much, can it kill ten thousand?—Clearly, no."

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