Dark Magus Returns

Chapter 499 Why Are You Lying?

This little piece of information that Raze had received had just unlocked a whole new relationship between the two people. Something that could tear them completely apart.

Raze didn't know much about Anna, only that she was from a different world. So he had no clue about the extent of her abilities. Just like the people he had met so far, the powers, the changes in their body and structure, everything was just so different, but he never expected that someone would be able to read the facial expressions of others to determine how they were feeling.

It felt so advanced that Raze almost thought that she would be lying.

'I should calm down for a moment,' Raze thought as he saw the result of another Wanderer's fight in front of him.

The clan member had bested him, hitting him onto the ground, but in the end, he still declared the fact that he had passed, and now they were moving onto another Wanderer that was taking part in the test.

'Why would she tell me this now of all times? Is it to gauge my reaction? Right now, I should just take it as truth because if she is telling the truth, then that means she would have caught on to my lies already.

'Especially the lie about me not meeting anyone from their world.'

The other thing that was bugging Raze was if she knew he was lying, why not mention it in front of the other members from Alter.

The second match against the Wanderer had ended, and it was the same result as the last. The clan members were just too skilled and strong for them.

In showing their resilience and skills though, the clan had decided to accept them, and now out of all the contestants to come forward, it was the one with no name, who just had written 'Man' down.

When the tattered clothing man stood in the center, he had decided not to grab any weapon at all and waited for his opponent.

One of the clan members was about to move forward from the lineup, but that's when the head assessor who had been complaining the whole time had moved into the center himself.

"It's not good to stay idle for so long. I also need to get a few swings in," the head assessor said, pulling out his sword.

"This isn't good for him," Anna commented. "I can tell from his facial expression that he is going to do everything he can to fail the other man. Even if he shows decent skill, it's most likely the head assessor will decline him."

Seeing what had occurred, Raze was a little disheartened. He was hoping that he would go up against the assessor after his words and treatment to them about no names.

Now, though, he was picking on practically the weakest-looking member out of the group and lineup, which were typical of these types of people.

'Sometimes, I wonder how these people even manage to rise. I guess the world is always full of bad managers and leaders who seem to have failed upward somehow,' Raze thought.

The fight had begun, and immediately the head assessor had charged forward and had thrust his sword rather than swing it.

The man took a jump back, as if he was expecting this to happen and avoided the attack, but watching had made nearly everyone flinch.

"Hey, hey, isn't that Clan member going a bit far?" one of the Wanderers who had passed commented.

"Yeah, I mean, he thrusted the sword, if the man wasn't quick enough to dodge that, then it would have pierced his stomach. If that was to happen, then he could have easily been killed as well."

It wasn't just that; it was the fact that it was the first strike from the Head assessor. He wasn't treating the life in front of him with any respect at all because in his eyes, it was just a no name.

The same feeling as one would get when killing an ant, it was no different to him.

He then came in again and swung his sword a few times. The other person was only able to narrowly avoid the strike; in doing so, small cuts were appearing all over his body. He was bleeding as the sword continued to strike him in areas one after the other. The man was moving well though, but there was just a smile on the assessor's face.

"You're good, good enough to be Wanderer," the head assessor said, and then he started to shift his feet, adding Qi to his steps as well.

"However, you aren't good enough to be in the Lethal Bite Clan."

The assessor had picked up speed as he moved straight from the side; he struck his sword down, and the man had avoided it again leaning back.

At that point though, with the other hand, the assessor had pulled back his long dangling hair. Lifting up his blade, he was ready to strike. That's when Raze, who was standing from the side, swiped his hand. At the same time, the sand blew from the bottom of the ground and had shifted upward, blocking his sight. At the same time, the shifting of the sand had moved his feet slightly. The man, being held by his hair, then knocked the other hand away and gave a hit to his face. It was a clean hit that caused blood to drip from his nose.

The assessor was getting his foot ready, but then felt a force moving it, shifting it. By chance, it looked like the tattered man stepped on the assessor's foot, and another large hit had landed right on his face, knocking him to the point where he fell on the floor and dropped his sword to the ground.

'Helping out another to do the damage that I wished for is not so bad,' Raze thought.

Honestly, he was quite surprised by the fact that the man had acted upon everything that had happened. Some would be hesitant if they saw an opening that was unexpected, but the man was relentless in delivering his attacks.

While on the floor, the head assessor picked up his sword ready to strike again until another figure behind him said a few words.

"Pass!" Bargo stated. "To be able to knock out the head assessor that can be nothing but a pass. There is no need to continue and have feelings involved in this."

The head assessor wanted to shout and complain. He turned to the old man watching and decided to let it go. His word was less than the other, and he was an important guest after all.

Taking his sword with him, with a strop in his steps, he walked back to the lineup.

"Have…I been forgotten about again?" Raze said awkwardly.

The head assessor had walked off somewhere, and with those that had passed, they were wondering what they were to do now.

"Don't worry, young one, I haven't forgotten about you," the old man said. "I am happy to complete your last assessment, but please take it easy on me, I am not like the others."

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