Daddy! Come Home for Dinner!

Chapter 179 - 179: How Does Cindy Clarke Scold People!?

Chapter 179: Chapter 179: How Does Cindy Clarke Scold People!?

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But evidently, Iris Doone didn’t feel the same way.

She tentatively asked Cindy Clarke, “Your friend came with you during our group competition that day, right?”

Iris Doone’s eyes shifted, “One of them was a man, and everyone was saying he looked like Adrian Zhekova, the CEO of Pingla Group.”

Blake Walker also remembered that and nodded in agreement.

Cindy Clarke raised her eyebrow, saying, “Then they must have been mistaken. If I really knew such an important person, would I still need to participate in this competition?”

With an ironic look in her unmasked eyes, Cindy Clarke looked at Iris Doone, “You’re not suspecting that I got this 11th place by using backdoor connections, are you?”

Iris Doone felt thwarted, as that was precisely what she was thinking.

But she couldn’t admit it.

After all, it was one thing to be suspicious, but to voice such an accusation would be too serious.

She never expected Cindy Clarke to bring it up so bluntly.

“Of course not, don’t get me wrong,” Iris Doone quickly said with an increasingly unnatural smile.

“Yeah, definitely not possible,” Blake Walker chimed in seemingly carefree, “If you really used backdoor connections, you would have been directly placed first, not 11th.”

“Even if you’re the First Person under Pingla Corp., it’s just a fancy title, still not truly the first. There’s still someone from the actual Pingla Corp. above, and being the First Person under Pingla Corp. means you’ll never be as good as the real Pingla Corp. people. It’s not worth it,” Blake Walker said with a smile.

His words seemed to be defending Cindy Clarke.

But in fact, it was a subtle mix of praise and insult, making anyone listening feel uncomfortable.

Iris Doone originally thought Blake Walker was being sincere.

Thinking back to the group competition, his feigned humility didn’t seem like it came from a genuine person.

But there it was, waiting to reveal itself.

Iris Doone laughed quietly in her mind as she saw Cindy Clarke’s eyes curving into a smile, “You make a good point. If I really had those connections, I would have arranged myself to be first.”

“No, if I had that kind of network, why would I even participate in this competition, or be a food blogger? Why not just open a high -end restaurant and become the boss? Are there any reasons I’d need to stand next to certain tasteless people? What do you think?” Cindy Clarke asked with a smile.

Though Cindy Clarke was wearing a mask, Iris Doone and Blake Walker could still see the mockery in her eyes.

How vicious Cindy Clarke could be when insulting someone!

But they couldn’t fight back.

If they did, wouldn’t they be admitting they were tasteless people?

And they certainly weren’t!

Blake Walker frowned, looking like an honest man who didn’t agree, and suddenly said loudly, “Cain Velman, how could you say something like that? Are you insulting the other contestants? They haven’t provoked you, how could you look down on them?”

Iris Doone praised Blake Walker in her heart.

With one move, he had created animosity towards Cindy Clarke.

Letting everyone else hear this would sound like Cindy Clarke was looking down on all the contestants, not just them.

As expected, due to Blake Walker’s words, all the onlookers turned their attention to the commotion.

Hearing the name Cain Velman, none of them were unfamiliar.

Everyone’s brows furrowed.

Cain Velman was too arrogant!

Being called the First Person under Pingla Corp. was simply a matter of politeness and promotion.

But she took it seriously.

She really thought she was a big deal!

Seeing that he had roused everyone’s discontent, Blake Walker was secretly pleased..

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