Cultivation Online

Chapter 1360 Huang Xiao Li's Feelings

1360 Huang Xiao Li's Feelings

"When did you promise my father such a thing?" Huang Xiao Li asked him.


After a brief moment of silence, he revealed, "When we were being attacked by the sea demon, he communicated with me through divine sense."

"If you manage to get out of this alive and we don't, please protect my daughter— these were his exact words right before we got separated."

Huang Xiao Li began brawling her eyes out after hearing this.

"Father!!! Mother!!! Brother!!!" she screamed into her sleeves, releasing all of her built-up anguish.

Huang Xiao Li cried and cried, soaking her whole sleeve with tears.

Eventually, after many minutes of release, Huang Xiao Li calmed down.

"Thank you, Tian Yang. I will stop being so weak. That will be the last time I shed tears," she declared with a determined look on her face.

Tian Yang smiled, "It's okay to have a moment of weakness now and then. That's what makes us human."

"What do you want to do next?" he then asked.

"I'm going to stop searching for my family and start focusing on improving my cultivation. I want to be strong enough to wipe away the Gold and Money Bandits by myself!" she said.

She then looked at him and asked, "Do you mind if I follow you to train? I know my cultivation is lacking right now, but I will try my best to not get in your way and catch up."

He smiled and said, "How am I going to protect you if you're not by my side?"

Huang Xiao Li found his smile to be exceptionally handsome for some reason, and she immediately began blushing.

"Let's get some rest before we begin our training," he suggested.


They proceeded to change their disguise with an Appearance Reforming Pill before looking for a hotel to stay at.

Once they found a hotel, Huang Xiao Li asked for the largest room that had a bathtub.

"It will cost fifty spirit stones per night. Check-out will be at noon." The manager said.

Huang Xiao Li paid for seven days in advance.

"An entire week? That might be a little too much," Tian Yang said as they entered their room, which was decently better than their stay at the previous hotel.

"I want to make sure that we're fully rested before we begin our training," she said.

"If you say so—not that I am complaining."

He didn't have the right to complain since he was essentially leeching off Huang Xiao Li's money.

After removing their disguises, Huang Xiao Li entered the bathroom to wash herself first, followed by Tian Yang.

When Tian Yang came out of the bathroom, Huang Xiao Li was sitting by the bed with a pondering expression on her face.

"What's on your mind?" he asked.

Huang Xiao Li turned towards him, and with a silent grace, she rose from the bed, enveloping him in a sudden embrace.

"What are you doing?" Tian Yang asked in a startled voice.

Instead of answering, she asked, "You don't like it?"


Hearing no response from Tian Yang, Huang Xiao Li released him just enough to where they could see each other's faces, revealing her flushed face.

In the ensuing moment, she closed her eyes and advanced towards him, her lips subtly pressed forward, her intentions as unmistakable as daylight.

Though taken by surprise, Tian Yang did not reject Huang Xiao Li's kiss and accepted it.

Once the kiss ended, the two of them silently stared at each other, unsure of how they should advance.

Eventually, Tian Yang made the first move and led her to the bed.

He proceeded to remove her clothes, to which Huang Xiao Li did not object.

A few moments later, Huang Xiao Li's beautiful and slender body lay exposed on the bed, a sight for Tian Yang's eyes to feast upon. He gently caressed her smooth skin with his fingers, eliciting sensations that caused her to tremble.

Sometime later, when Tian Yang removed his clothes, Huang Xiao Li spoke in a bashful voice, "This is my first time…"

"The same goes for me." Tian Yang admitted that he had no prior experience, just like her.

Soon, the room became filled with Huang Xiao Li's voice, resonating with pleasure.

Their session would last for many hours until Huang Xiao Li fell asleep from exhaustion.

When they woke up the following day, they would repeat it with increased intensity.

Over the next few days, Tian Yang and Huang Xiao Li would make love, sleep, wake up, and repeat, almost as if they didn't know how to do anything else.

Very few words were shared between them during these sessions, but their actions and responses to said actions were more than enough for them to understand each other.

On the sixth day, the day before their time at the hotel was up, they cleaned themselves and spent the rest of their time cultivating, and recovering their stamina.

They left the hotel on the morning of the seventh day and used the Teleportation Array to return to the Southern Stronghold, where they would spend the next few weeks training.

'Finally, they are gone…' The manager signed in relief after seeing Tian Yang and Huang Xiao Li leave his hotel.

Since the walls were thin, all the sound they made during their fun session was overheard by the manager.

However, in the manager's view, both Tian Yang and Huang Xiao Li were men, so one could imagine what was going through his mind when he heard such noises.

Fortunately for him, the noises ceased completely on the third day. It was also on that day that Tian Yang discovered Huang Xiao Li was also an Array Master, albeit only at level 1, when she created a sound barrier in their room.

After they left the hotel, Tian Yang and Huang Xiao Li left the city to hunt magical beasts.

However, since Huang Xiao Li's cultivation was too weak for her to fight beside him, she would support him from a safe distance and set up traps using arrays whenever she could.

They continued this for the next several weeks.

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