Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

Chapter 176 - 176: Is Mamet a Scoundrel?

Chapter 176: Chapter 176: Is Mamet a Scoundrel?

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Xaviera Evans furrowed her brow, her face showing distress, “Miss Sally’s acting is simply appalling. As the scriptwriter, I have responsibility for this project. I merely voiced a critique and she retaliated with a torrent of abuse. She even boasted that Mr. Bech had invested fifty million dollars just for her. Mr. Mamet, I feel like I’m being bullied to death by her!”

Caleb Mamet’s eyes flashed with mirth before his expression turned cold, “Steve Price.”

Steve Price immediately understood, waved his hand and a few bodyguards rushed over, restraining Sally, “Miss Sally, this is highly regrettable.” Sally was completely stunned. She hadn’t expected Xaviera’s power backer to be Caleb Mamet.

When did this wretched woman rope Caleb Mamet in?

Sally seethed as she watched Xaviera put on a pitiful face, acting as if she was a persecuted dove.

Mr. Mamet might be attracted to Xaviera’s looks, completely oblivious to how dirty this woman truly was!

Sally yelled in rage, “Mr. Mamet! How could you be attracted to Xaviera Evans? She has tangled up relationships, sleeps with older men as a mistress, and who knows what diseases she might have contracted. Look at that diamond ring on her hand. It must have been a gift from some male client… Mr. Mamet….”

“A male client?”

Mamet’s thin lips parted slightly as he repeated these words, then he slowly walked towards Sally.

Sally thought Caleb Mamet had believed her words, “Mr. Mamet, I’m expressing the truth. That diamond ring is incredibly valuable, and Xaviera certainly could not afford to buy it. Who knows how long and with who she had to sleep with to be able to finally…”

“In Miss Sally’s view, Mamet is a male client?”

Caleb Mamet’s tone was lazy, “Mr. Bech is past his prime, yet his taste is seemingly unique. He has an affinity for the likes of you, Miss Sally, whereas I am not the same. I am only attracted to Xaviera.”

“Miss Sally, if you’re tired of living, I could inform Mr. Bech’s wife. That way she can deal with you and you will stop bullying our Xaviera. I’d really hate to see that.”

Xaviera swallowed.

Wait, did she hear that right?

Did Caleb Mamet just say he was only attracted to her?

Hearing Caleb Mamet’s words, Sally’s thoughts began to whirl.

Her eyes wide with terror, she gazed in shock at Xaviera and Caleb Mamet.

Mr. Mamet can’t be ill, right?

There’s no way he could only be attracted to Xaviera!

Xaviera is nothing more than a cheap woman who has slept with countless men. How could Mr. Mamet possibly have any interest in her?

At this moment, her manager’s phone rang. From it came Mr. Bech’s enraged roar: “Is Sally out of her mind? Of all the people she could choose to pick a fight with, she chooses to provoke him? If she upsets him, Sally can pack up and disappear from my sight. Let’s write off those fifty million dollars. Don’t ever bother coming back!”

Sally shivered, scared to the point where she collapsed onto the ground, her mind going blank.

Mr. Bech doesn’t want her any longer, and moreover, she has offended Mr. Mamet.

All she wanted was to make Xaviera leave, impress Moore Mamet and Mag Evans – how did it come to this?

“Miss Sally, I forgot to tell you…”

Caleb Mamet suddenly began, in a languid tone, “You have an overwhelming scent of old man about you, which is downright disgusting. Next time you’re looking for a man, keep your eyes open. Someone like Mr. Bech can be old enough to be your father.”

Xaviera: “….” Caleb Mamet’s got quite a snarky tongue!

But she loves it!

Hearing Caleb Mamet’s sarcastic jibe, Sally suddenly felt like the wind had been knocked out of her sails.

Caleb Mamet turned to Xaviera, “Let’s go.”

Xaviera nodded, glancing at Caleb Mamet’s hand as she did. She noticed that he was also wearing a ring, and immediately felt puzzled.

“Caleb Mamet, your ring looks similar to mine, but the design is a bit simpler.” Caleb Mamet paused.

Without making a sound, he looked towards the sky, so Xaviera wouldn’t see the expression on his face or the blush on his cheeks.

Caleb Mamet’s voice was nonchalant: “Hmm, this ring isn’t bad.”

Xaviera initially thought that Caleb Mamet had bought couple rings, but it didn’t seem like that now.

It just looked similar, Caleb Mamet, being the tough and rugged man he is, would definitely never even consider buying such a seemingly romantic thing.

Steve Price: ‘

He immediately choked, his face full of dismay.

Those are couple rings, why doesn’t the boss just admit it?

It’s driving him crazy!

Caleb Mamet was playing with his cufflink.

It was a gift from Xaviera for his birthday.

However, she had given it to him as ‘Black Tide’, a gift for her senior fellow.

But so much time had passed, and Xaviera still hadn’t realized that he was her senior fellow. It seemed he would have to remind her.

Caleb Mamet’s voice was calm, ‘Mrs. Mamet came here to meet your senior fellow?”

Xaviera shivered, ‘.

How did Caleb Mamet know about her senior fellow?

This male client can’t be petty enough to do something, right?

Xaviera’s face gestured subtle turmoil. Despite her regret, she managed to squeeze a smile on her face.

“Mr. Mamet, you might be mistaken, there’s definitely no such thing.”

Caleb Mamet turned up his lips, “Mrs. Mamet, you seem a little nervous when you’re lying.”

Xaviera was speechless. Why was Caleb Mamet so sure? Her senior fellow is such an influential person, there’s no way anyone could find out about him.. It must have been that Gaby Rome who leaked the news!

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