Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 29: Another Encounter With Tie Ta

Chapter 29: Another Encounter With Tie Ta

Cheng Mingxiang started to smile, “How could I miss a match like this?” He stared down at Jian Chen with disdain before saying, “Do you think that’s Changyang Xiang Tian?”

“Correct, Lord Cheng. He’s definitely that Changyang Xiang Tian who hurt our companions.” Luo Jian said as he stood behind Karl.

Cheng Mingxiang nodded his head and said slowly, “Changyang Xiang Tian, you’re definitely not bad, to even hurt my comrades!” His voice was getting darker with each word.

Jian Chen’s mind already understood that these were a group of unreasonable children with rich parents, so arguing with them was of no use; they would only listen to force. Thus, Jian Chen didn’t bother to say any trash talk; instead, he said coldly, “So what if we fight; if you’re not happy with this, make the first move instead of spouting so much bullsh*t.”

Hearing Jian Chen’s words, Cheng Mingxiang’s face gradually turned ashen, “Good. Good, good. Then it’s time to see how strong you really are.” With that, his body started to glow so brightly that the light extended 10 meters away to where Jian Chen was. Dashing forward, he launched his fist towards Jian Chen’s nose; against a person who wasn’t even a Saint, he wouldn’t even bother using his Saint Weapon.

Even Jian Chen knew that Cheng Mingxiang’s strength far surpassed Ka Di Yun; the difference in Saint Force was far too great with his own as well. Therefore, Jian Chen absolutely could not afford to take that fist. Just when Cheng Mingxiang’s fist was about to connect with Jian Chen’s head, his head suddenly blurred and dodged the fist. At the same time, Jian Chen’s two fists went up to grab at the incoming arm from Cheng Mingxiang. Assuming a horse stance, he stiffened his back and pulled at the arm with both of his own.

Originally, when Cheng Mingxiang was attacking, his center of gravity had been leaning forwards. Now, Jian Chen had pulled him further, he momentarily lost control over his body, and he began to fall forwards. However, Cheng Mingxiang was quick to respond. Stamping on the ground with his foot, he exerted all his force to try to prevent any further pull from Jian Chen. As he did that, however, Jian Chen suddenly let go of Cheng Mingxiang’s arm and immediately pummeled at his stomach with a barrage of blows that were as fast as lightning.

Since Cheng Mingxiang’s center of gravity was now focused towards the back, when Jian Chen had punched him with all his might, his legs couldn’t help but stumbled backwards, as if he was struggling to avoid falling.

After falling back 10 steps, Cheng Mingxiang finally regained his bearings but his face had long since turned into the same color as a pig’s liver. With a dark and ominous expression, he glared at Jian Chen maliciously. Because of his majestic body, he was considered to have one of the strongest in the academy, so how could he not feel furious at this? If the academy found out his body was actually hit and injured like this, then he would no longer have face within the academy and become a laughing stock.

After thinking about the consequences of this, he glared at Jian Chen with a stare that could kill since this was an utter disgrace to him.

Already, the entire audience had became absolutely quiet. Luo Jian’s own face had become sluggish as he stared at Jian Chen with a surprised look. This was far beyond his wildest imagination, and not just his own, but everyone else watching. Cheng Mingxiang was a talented genius when it came to cultivation, and even Saints couldn’t match him in a hand to hand fight. To have Jian Chen make him suffer such a loss and put him in such an ugly state was very surprising.

Glaring once more at Jian Chen, Cheng Mingxiang’s arm started to release a silver type of Qi before forming a two handed sword. He snarled, saying, “Changyang Xiang Tian, I will definitely cripple you today!” With that declaration, he surged towards Jian Chen with the silver sword in tow.


Right as Cheng Mingxiang had started to move, another deep voice had shouted over the crowd and noise. Immediately, everyone saw a rather robust and suntanned youth slowly walk forward.

When Jian Chen saw the sturdy youth come forward, his eyes widened in shock. It was because this person was also a participant in the Freshmen Competition and the person with the heavenly blessed strength–Tie Ta.

The moment when Luo Jian and Cheng Mingxiang’s men looked at Tie Ta, their faces started to change, an abject fear taking hold of them.

Luo Yun didn’t recognize Tie Ta at all, so with an arrogant cry towards Tie Ta, he demanded, “Who are you? This is business concerning Lord Luo and Lord Cheng so don’t interfere, otherwise you’ll regret it...”

“Shut your mouth!” Not even waiting for Luo Yun to finish talking, Luo Jian cut into Luo Yun’s speech. Not even paying attention to Luo Yun’s look of surprise, Luo Jian’s face contained a smile towards Tie Ta as he cupped his hands in salute. “So it was brother Tie Ta after all, this one wonders what brother Tie Ta is doing here.”

Tie Ta looked at him with an strange look before speaking in a low voice, “Who are you? I don’t recognize you at all.” Not understanding why Luo Jian’s face became so unsightly, Tie Ta directly walked towards Jian Chen and lifted his hand to clasp onto Jian Chen’s shoulder. “Changyang Xiang Tian, I didn’t think I’d meet you here of all places! It has been so many days since I last saw you!” He boomed.

Jian Chen also gave a faint laugh, “Tie Ta, let us put off this chat for now and let me take care of a few troublesome matters first.”

Listening to what Jian Chen said, Tie Ta’s head whipped over to Cheng Mingxiang and Luo Jian’s group and slowly stared at them before pointing a finger, “Changyang Xiang Tian, could it be that they’re trying to bully you?”

“It could be said that way, yes, “ Jian Chen indifferently said as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

As soon as he heard this, Tie Ta immediately rolled up his sleeves. He fiercely looked at the opposing group of people and loudly declared, “Changyang Xiang Tian is my brother. Anyone who bullies him is bullying me as well. Whoever wants fight, come out. Even though my power might not be that strong, I, Tie Ta, am not afraid of you guys.”

Hearing Tie Ta’s words, Jian Chen hesitated for a second. He looked at Tie Ta in confusion, not quite understand when he had become Tie Ta’s brother.

Cheng Mingxiang and Luo Jian’s expressions changed. They glanced at each other with a serious look. It was obvious that they were somewhat afraid of Tie Ta. Even though Tie Ta’s actual power wasn’t very strong, and they could easily defeat him in a fight, Tie Ta had a formidable supporter that even the two of them were afraid to encounter. This was why they had never dared to touch Tie Ta at Kargath Academy.

Neither of the people spoke, and Karl and Luo Yun had already realized from Luo Jian’s attitude that Tie Ta’s identity was not normal. Thus, they made the smart decision off not making a sound. At that moment, the atmosphere had become slightly strange.

After quietly pondering for a while, Luo Jian was the first to break the silence, “Brother Tie Ta, this is a problem between me and Changyang Xiang Tian; I hope you don’t meddle with our affairs.” Luo Jian’s tone was extremely polite. He clearly understood that although Tie Ta was a commoner, his current status was without a doubt not any less powerful than his. It was even higher than his by a bit. Even if he was the successor to the Luo clan, his status was at most equivalent to Tie Ta’s

Luo Jian’s words made all the spectators shocked. There were quite a few seniors amongst them that recognized both Luo Jian and Cheng Mingxiang, and they knew that although their individual statuses weren’t that high, they both had great clans backing them up. And yet, at the moment, the two of them had suddenly acted polite to Tie Ta. This made the library’s spectators curious about Tie Ta’s identity. They couldn’t imagine what kind of background Tie Ta must have to have been so domineering, and to make the insufferably arrogant Luo Jian and Cheng Mingxiang so cautious and fearful.

Unfortunately, Tie Ta had no intention to appreciate the offer. Without giving face, he said, “I already said earlier, Changyang Xiang Tian is my brother. His problems are my problems. If anyone has complaints, then everyone should direct them towards me.”

Luo Jian’s expression changed colors, and his eyes showed a serious expression. In regards to Tie Ta, he really didn’t dare to offend him too much.

At that moment, Cheng Mingxiang snorted, and he glared at Tie Ta. In a heavy voice, he said, “Tie Ta, do you really want to butt into this business?” Having suffered from Jian Chen’s hands, Cheng Mingxiang had already formed a hatred for Jian Chen in his heart. For a freshman that hadn’t even reached Saint level yet to have put him in such a difficult situation was definitely a humiliation to his genius. If he didn’t clean this situation up now, then he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his time at the academy in the future.

“That’s right, I want to get involved.” Tie Ta’s yelled back, his expression harsh. Even though he clearly knew how powerful Cheng Mingxiang was, Tie Ta still did not show any sign of fear.

Jian Chen pulled at Tie Ta and said, “Tie Ta, this is something between me and him. You shouldn’t come **; otherwise, you’ll just get caught up in more trouble.”

Tie Ta’s eyes flashed with anger, and he suddenly turned towards Jian Chen, frowning, “Changyang Xiang Tian, what kind of words are those? Do you think that I, Tie Ta, is someone who would be scared of these things? Do you not think of me as your friend?”

Hearing this, Jian Chen could not help but feel puzzled. When had he and Tie Ta gotten so close? They barely even met each other; the only time they had really interacted was during the freshmen martial arts competition.

“Hmph, Tie Ta. since you want to suffer so badly, then don’t blame me. Don’t think that just because you’re the headmaster’s apprentice, I won’t dare to attack you. Let me witness exactly how great the headmaster’s apprentice’s abilities are.”

Hearing Cheng Ming Yan’s words, Jian Chen was internally shocked. He hadn’t imagined that Tie Ta had actually become the headmaster’s apprentice. If this news was spread throughout the academy, it would spur a great craze.

At this moment, Cheng Ming Yang had already appeared in front of Tie Ta, and directly struck his fist against Tie Ta’s chest. Because Tie Ta had a special status, Cheng Mingxiang did not dare to actually hurt Tie Ta, and his fist only used fifth layer force. In his opinion, even if he only used the strength of the fifth layer, it still wasn’t an attack that a Saint could receive, let alone someone below that, like Tie Ta.

Faced with Cheng Mingxiang’s attack, Tie Ta did not dare to be careless, and his face showed matchless concentration. He roared, then with his right arm seemingly as sturdy as steel, he fearlessly threw a fist at Cheng Mingxiang to meet force with force.

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