Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 28: Incoming Trouble (Two)

Chapter 28: Incoming Trouble (Two)

In a flash, Luo Yun and Luo Jian arrived at the library gates. A few feet away from the big gates, the one who had been trailing Jian Chen, Chen Feng, was leaning against a tree trunk. His eyes were constantly watching Jian Chen, who was still reading with relish, and had completely forgotten about his surroundings.

When Chen Feng saw Luo Yun with Luo Jian by his side, he immediately ran over to them. He bowed at Luo Jian, and with a charming face, said, “I didn’t think that I would meet the lord Luo Jian here. I am truly honored to see you.” Chen Feng was extremely respectful; although he too belonged to a clan, within the Gesun Kingdom, it was a very minor one. It was only when he was joined together with the children of bigger clans that he dared to collect money from those weaker than him. With this, he had a strong relationship with the Luo Clan that would definitely bring him many benefits. If he was lucky, then his own clan would be pulled up into the higher ranks with the help of Luo Jian; after all, Luo Jian was to be the clan’s successor.

Luo Jian felt proud as he looked at the respectful Chen Feng, and gave a small wave of his hand, “Don’t say anymore crap, is Changyang Xiang Tian in the library?”

Even though Luo Jian had absolutely no trace of politeness, Chen Feng’s look of respect didn’t waver in the least. With a smile, he replied, “He is, Changyang Xiang Tian is still in the library.”

A sneer gradually formed on Luo Jian’s face, as he got the answer he wanted, “That’s good. Go inside and call him out for me.” The library had a rule that all fighting inside was prohibited, and even Luo Jian had to respect that rule, despite his family having a great amount of influence.

“Yes, of course, master Luo. I’ll have Changyang Xiang Tian out immediately,” Chen Feng said compliantly as he entered the library.

Inside the library, Jian Chen’s focus was still on his book; whenever he was in the library his guard was at its lowest. This was because within the library, he didn’t have to worry about others causing trouble or asking questions, so remaining on guard wasn’t needed.

While Jian Chen was lost in his own world, he had the sudden feeling of someone’s hand clasping down on his shoulder. Although he was still reluctant to part from his book, he looked to the youth standing next to me with a cold sneer on his face. From his memory, he remembered that this person was one of the four people who had tried to extort protection money from him.

Chen Feng stood by his side with a look of great joy at Jian Chen’s impending doom. With a strange tone, he said, “Changyang Xiang Tian, I didn’t think we’d see each other again so soon.”

“It’s you!” Jian Chen scowled. Without giving him face, he spoke, “If you’re still looking for protection money, then you can scram.”

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with anger, but he didn’t dare make a move towards Jian Chen. The library was strict on their rules, and he was sure that he wasn’t a match for Jian Chen.

Chen Feng stuck his chest out as his glared maliciously at Jian Chen, and coldly said, “Changyang Xiang Tian, although I am no match for you, Kargath Academy is not someplace you can rampage around. If you really have the guts, then follow me outside. Otherwise, prepare to stay in this library for the rest of your life.” After dropping these words, Chen Feng directly walked out of the library. However, the words he had said had already attracted the attentions of all the students within the library. Immediately, many people began to shift their attentions to Jian Chen with complicated expressions of envy, respect, and jealousy.

Jian Chen slowly closed the book with a crossed expression. From Chen Feng’s words it would seem that he got reinforcements to help him.

Jian Chen’s eyes twinkled as he put the book back on the bookshelf and then walked towards the entrance of the library deep in thought. Although he knew people were waiting outside for him, if he didn’t go out then people would think he was afraid of them. If Jian Chen wanted to continue reading books in the library in peace, then he would need to reveal his own strength and inspire fear into the others. Otherwise more and more people would come and find trouble with him; there would be no point in coming to the library in that case.

Although he knew that the people outside were definitely not weak, it was possible that they were experts at the same level as Ka Di Yun. However, Jian Chen still did not show any trace of fear. He was confident that if he faced a Saint at his current level, even if he didn’t win, he would not easily lose. After all, no matter if it were battle experience or techniques, Jian Chen far surpassed anyone else at the academy. Moreover, he was a person who had experienced countless life or death situations.

As soon as Jian Chen left the library, he looked up to find three youths standing outside the door. They didn’t look very different from each other, as they all wore the school uniform. Two of the people were part of the extortion group Jian Chen had met before, and the third one was looking at Jian Chen with an expression full of arrogance. It was obvious that he had been a helper summoned by the other two.

Seeing Jian Chen actually walk out of the library, Luo Yun began to laugh evilly. He whispered to Luo Jian standing next to him, “My lord, he is Changyang Xiang Tian.”

Luo Jian’s arrogant eyes sized up Jian Chen with an expression of disdain, and he coldly said, “Brat, are you Changyang Xiang Tian?”

Jian Chen gave Luo Jian a level look. Luo Jian looked to be around 22-23 years old, and he had an extremely handsome appearance. However, his expression did not hide any of his arrogance.

“And who are you?” Jian Chen indifferently replied to Luo Jian, his tone ice-cold.

Luo Yun, who was standing next to Luo Jian, shouted, “How dare you, Changyang Xiang Tian. What kind of status do you have to dare to use that kind of tone to talk to my clan’s lord? Do you want to get kicked out of this academy?”

“Changyang Xiang Tian, hurry up and apologize to my lord. Otherwise, don’t think you can stay at Kargath Academy for much long.” Chen Feng did not miss the chance to suck up to Luo Jian, and yelled back at Jian Chen in an indignant tone.

Hearing these two’s words, the Luo Clan’s lord, Luo Jian, became even haughtier, and his face was full of self-pride.

Jian Chen’s unchanged face gradually showed a hint of a sneer, and he looked at the three people with disdain, and said, “Based on your words, are you saying that the headmaster of Kargath Academy will listen to you three? Or perhaps, are you saying that Kargath Academy belongs to your clan, whoever you want to leave must leave? The three of you are really too audacious, to even dare to look down on the headmaster.”

Hearing Jian Chen’s words, the expression of both Luo Yun and Chen Feng suddenly paled. Even Luo Jia, who had a huge clan backing him up, he could not stop his expression from turning unsightly, as he glared poisonously at Jian Chen. Although he had the most influence backing him up out of the three since Luo Jian was the successor of Gesun Kingdom’s powerful Luo clan, he did not dare to show any disrespect towards the headmaster of Kargath Academy. If Jian Chen’s words spread to the headmaster’s ears, then they would be heavily punished. In the worst case scenario, they could be directly expelled. Even if Luo Jian had a powerful background, even if his father was Luo clan’s clan leader, even if he was Luo clan’s successor, there was no way he could get away of such a consequence completely cop-free. His Luo clan would definitely not be willing to offend Kargath Academy’s headmaster for his sake.

Luo Jian’s face turned gloomy, and he glared at Jian Chen, “Changyang Xiang Tian, you really are quite arrogant. I just wonder if you have the qualifications to be so arrogant.”

Jian Chen laughed in disdain, and coldly replied, “Stop wasting your breath, just say why you’ve come looking for me.”

Luo Jian let out a smile filled with a murderous intent. “The reason I came is very simple. I just wanted to see how someone like you defeated a recently advanced Saint, even if Ka Di Yun didn’t use a Saint Weapon. Changyang Xiang Tian, are you really that amazing?” Luo Jian cracked the knuckles on both his hands before clenching them both. The loud snapping sound from his knuckles was clear to hear as a strong amount of energy started to emit from his body onto Jian Chen’s own.

At the same time, the people who were reading their books inside the library all closed their books. Everyone start to chatter excitedly as they watched the events that were happening with Jian Chen with pleasure.

Regarding the Qi that Luo Jian was emitting, Jian Chen was not affected at all and stood straight like a towering mountain. Luo Jian’s strength was clear to Jian Chen and was not at all weaker to Ka Di Yun; however, it was not strong enough for him to fear, instead, his fighting spirit rose.

As soon as they saw the two opponents were about to start fighting, the people in front of the library began to retreat, afraid that they would be affected by any shockwaves.

“How could we miss such an interesting battle?” Just before the two people were about to begin fighting, a voice suddenly rang out from the back, and a few youths wearing the school uniform walked out from behind.

There were a total of five people that had just arrived. Among them, one of the people was another person from the extortion group that Jian Chen had encountered earlier. Jian Chen did not recognize the other four, but anyone could tell with a single glance that they were from major clans. Their brows seemed to hold an aloof and remote expressions.

However, what drew Jian Chen’s attention was the youth standing in the center of the group of five. It was obvious from his eyes that he was the core figure the other four revolved around. He didn’t seem that old; based on his appearance, he was probably around 20 years old.

“Ya....everyone, look; isn’t the person in the middle master Cheng, who’s been missing the past year? I didn’t imagine that he would also come.”

“That’s right, it really is master Cheng, our Kargath Academy’s genius. It’s said that a year ago, his power had already reached the middle Saint levels. With his talent in cultivation, I had thought during the past year, master Cheng had already broken through to the Great Saint level and graduated. I didn’t think that he was actually still on the academy grounds.”

“I wonder what master Cheng’s current power is, and whether or not he has reached Great Saint level yet....”

“The three people next to master Cheng seem to be powerful Saints who have already condensed their Saint Weapons. To think that the elites that are normally rare to see would all appear here....”

Seeing the students standing there, all of the students started to shout in alarm, rapidly increasing the noise in the environment.

“Cheng Mingxiang, you’ve come at just the right time. If you were the slightest bit late, you would’ve missed this interesting show.” Seeing the youth amongst the crowd, Luo Jian immediately stopped his imposing manner, and laughed as he greeted the youth. He then nodded at the other three students following behind.

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