Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 27: Incoming Trouble (One)

Chapter 27: Incoming Trouble (One)

Immediately, the spared student ran over to the fallen two students. Concerned, he asked the pale youth that Jian Chen had kicked twice, “Luo Yun, are you alright?”

The student named Luo Yun nodded his head and spoke with a weak voice, “I’ll be fine after a few days of cultivation.” Turning around, he asked the other injured student and whispered, “Karl, you can find information around the academy faster than us; find out what that brat’s name is then have Master Cheng sort him out!”

Hearing his friend, Karl thought for a second before responding, “There’s no need to, I think I already know who he is.”

The other two student’s face lit up as Luo Yun said, “That’s great then, Karl, who is he?”

“In this years annual Freshmen Competition, there was an unusually strong competitor, the very same one that beat the Saint, Ka Di Yun, while being an 8th Saint Force layer practitioner. I think he’s that person.” Karl’s face grew dark as he said it.

As the two students heard Karl, their faces immediately changed. Looking at each other, Luo Yun said, “Could he really be that Changyang Xiang Tian?”

Karl nodded his head, “It’s very possible. Within the newest group of freshmen, only Changyang Xiang Tian could beat me. If he really is Changyang Xiang Tian, then we can’t even be considered his opponents on any reasonable level if he can really beat that Saint, Ka Di Yun. Even if he didn’t use his Saint Weapon, that’s still enough proof of Changyang Xiang Tian’s strength.”

“Hmph, even if he really is Changyang Xiang Tian, he still dared to cross my path. I definitely won’t let him have a peaceful time at this academy,” spoke the first person who had been attacked by Jian Chen.

Luo Yun’s white face started to sneer as he growled, “That’s good, our Luo clan’s young master had been asking around for news about Changyang Xiang Tian recently. If he hears about this, the young master will be happy. It’s a pity that we didn’t know where he was for the past few days; after searching for him, who knew that he would coincidentally just show up here and now?”

“Luo Yun, you go find the young master of your Luo Clan, Chen Feng and I will call out master Cheng. I doubt that Changyang Xiang Tian would be a match for master Cheng.” Karl growled.

“Fine, we’ll all do what we need to, but I suggest that we leave one person behind to continue observing Changyang Xiang Tian. Since the academy is so large, if Changyang Xiang Tian decides to hide, we’d never be able to find him,” Luo Yun proposed.

Karl nodded his head before turning to his friend behind him, “Chen Feng, you stay here and observe him; I’ll go find master Cheng.”

“No problem!” Chen Feng promised without hesitation.

After the tasks had been split up, Chen Feng left to trail Jian Chen, while the two other students picked up the still unconscious one and left to do their own task.


Within the library, Jian Chen sat down at a nearby table with two books and began to eagerly read.

Because the day was still early, the library was very empty and quiet. Aside from Jian Chen, there was only a middle aged female janitor nearby bustling around.

The woman was around 40 years old with an average appearance. Since she had no talent in cultivation, she was only at the 6th Saint Force layer, even though she was already 40. Even the weakest student in Kargath Academy was stronger than her.

The woman tilted her head up to look at the studying Jian Chen, and although she didn’t know his name, Jian Chen had left a deep impression on her. Aside from the past 3 days, Jian Chen had always been the first student to enter the library, and was always studying for the whole day. There were even some days where he didn’t eat lunch to continue reading. The janitor lady had already been serving the academy for many years, but Jian Chen had been the very first student she had ever seen that was so hardworking.

“What a hardworking child.” She had muttered to herself as she set out to do her tasks.

In a large room, a youth around 20 years old stood in the middle of the room with his eyes closed. His body was positioned in a very strange way, and like a log, he just stood there without moving a single inch.

“Dong dong dong!”

At that moment, a muffled knock was heard from the other side. At the same time, the youth with the closed eyes began to slowly open them and maintaining his strange posture, he stared at the door, “Who is it!” He called out.

“My lord, it’s me, Luo Yun.” Came the voice from outside.

“Enter!” He stated.

The door opened, allowing the 20 year old man to see one of the four students that was beaten up by Jian Chen–Luo Yun.

Luo Yun looked at the weirdly positioned youth without batting an eye, as if this wasn’t a strange occurrence. That was because this weird position was actually the Luo Clan’s method of cultivation.

In the Tian Yuan continent, there weren’t many training manuals recorded. Among the few of them were cultivation meditation, and even less people had mastered a new position to cultivate in. The Luo Clan was definitely the latter and would put their bodies into a position unique to them in order to maximize their cultivation.

Luo Yun walked over to the other youth and stooped over in respect, “Master, for the past few days you’ve been searching for the whereabouts for Changyang Xiang Tian; I’ve just recently found and met him.” Although Luo Yun had a great standing within his clan, in front of this youth, even he would not dare to be arrogant. That was because this youth was Luo Jian, the first son of the clan leader of the Luo Clan. Along with the loving affection from the clan leader, he was deemed to be the future successor of the Luo Clan, and so Luo Yun had wanted to curry favor with him.

“You’ve found Changyang Xiang Tian!” Upon hearing that, Luo Jian’s eyes brightened up. Noticing Luo Yun’s pale face, Luo Jian’s eyes trailed down Luo Yun’s shirt to see the single footprint on his chest. With a haughty voice, Luo Jian said, “Seeing you in such a sorry state, it would appear that this Changyang Xiang Tian forced you to suffer quite a bit.”

Luo Yun’s face grew angry as he spoke, “What the lord says is correct; I just recently saw Changyang Xiang Tian and politely asked him to come visit my lord. But that Changyang Xiang Tian was completely outrageous and arrogant beyond belief. Not only that, but he is extremely violent, and most importantly, he did not care for you at all. He said...he said that the lord...the lord is...” Luo Yun started to trail off from hesitation.

Luo Jian scowled, “Don’t just stand there and stutter, what did Changyang Xiang Tian say about me?!”

Luo Yun’s eyes flashed with an indignant color as he hesitated for one last time. With a spurt of courage, he cried, “Changyang Xiang Tian said that the master wasn’t worth a fart, and throwing a shoe at him would not be worth the effort!”

“What!” Luo Jian’s face grew just as angry as his emotions. Although the Luo Clan was not extremely influential within the Tian Yuan continent, within the Gesun Kingdom, they were one of the most prestigious clans with a 200 year old history. In the Gesun Kingdom, the amount of clans that could beat them in power could be counted on one’s hands. When it came to the successor of the Luo Clan, it can be said that Luo Jian was a noble of extremely high standards that even the crowned prince and princess of the kingdom could be considered to be on the same footing as he was. He didn’t think that within the Kargath Academy there would be an unknown freshman that would dare to be so egotistical. In his entire life, he had never seen someone so arrogant towards him.

Luo Jian’s stare grew cold towards Luo Yun, “He really said this?” The amount of anger was hardly being concealed by Luo Jian’s tone.

Seeing Luo Jian’s reaction, Luo Yun was secretly delighted, however, he quickly regained himself and said, “Yes my lord, what Luo Yun says is true. I wouldn’t dare lie to you; this Changyang Xiang Tian is truly too arrogant. He never saw you as anyone worthwhile, and even dared to spout out arrogant words. If we do not teach him a lesson, then I fear that the lord will lose face and be the target of ridicule within the academy.”

The more Luo Yun spoke, the angrier Luo Jian became. Standing to his feet, he growled, “Where is Changyang Xiang Tian? I want you to bring me to him, and if he truly doesn’t see me as someone worthwhile, than I shall see how strong he is.”

“Yes, of course! Please follow me my lord.” Luo Yun exited the room and brought the angry Luo Jian out of the room with him towards the library.

At the same time within one of the rooms in Kargath Academy, the respectul Karl brought another 20 year old youth out and towards the library.

As they passed through the sports field, a few seniors noted the group with looks of surprise, their comments could be heard from all directions.

“Ai...isn’t that person walking over there Lord Cheng? He hasn’t been seen around the academy for over a year already, what wind blew him here today?” A senior around the same age as him said in surprise.

“I’ve heard that a year ago, Lord Cheng had already reached the middle levels of Sainthood, so there’s no telling how strong he is now.”

“Lord Cheng is definitely the genius of Kargath Academy. He had condensed a Saint Weapon at the age of 19 and became a Saint. At the age of 20, he then reached the middle levels of Sainthood. One year has passed already, so the Lord Cheng must had reached the upper levels of Sainthood with his talent in cultivation.”

“Definitely, Lord Cheng is the number one genius at cultivation at Kargath Academy. The headmaster had even said before that by the age of 23, Lord Cheng would definitely become a Great Saint.”

“Becoming a Great Saint by the age of 23, Lord Cheng is truly amazing. Many of the seniors in Kargath Academy are still at the rank of the 10th layer of Saint Force.”

As Karl walked down the path slowly, the seniors the saw the pair walk by continued to gossip. Lord Cheng was a very well known figure within Kargath Academy, not for his character, but for his cultivation rate that would astound anyone. Within the Tian Yuan continent, he could be considered to be a prodigy blessed by the heavens, and in Kargath Academy, he could be considered as standing at the peak of the strongest experts.

At this moment, Jian Chen was still pouring his interest into the book in his hands, completely unaware of the incoming trouble.

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