Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 23: Becoming Popular Because of Skill

Chapter 23: Becoming Popular Because of Skill

The moment that Ka Di Yun felt pain, he swung out with his other hand at Jian Chen’s arms, while aiming his left leg at Jian Chen’s groin.

Even though one of his arms was useless, Ka Di Yun was still able to launch

a counterattack. Even with this unsightly scene, Ka Di Yun had some experience with battles and tried to escape this situation.

Seeing a flurry of arms and legs flashing before his eyes, Jian Chen knew that he wouldn’t be able to directly take the attacks head on. He helplessly let go of Ka Di Yun’s arm, and used the Profound Steps to retreat. He managed to dodge Ka Di Yun’s attack and circled around to his back, before using his Saint Force to amplify his attack on Ka Di Yun’s back.

TL note: Profound Steps was mentioned earlier back in his room in the Changyang Mansion, it’s basically him moving fast.

Feeling the strong wind behind his back, Ka Di Yun didn’t hesitate for a second and evaded Jian Chen by diving to the side. However, even as he dodged, Ka Di Yun was amazed. No matter where he moved, he would always feel a wind blowing on his back; he wasn’t able to keep up with Jian Chen’s movements.


Ka Di Yun was completely unable to keep up with Jian Chen, who smashed both of his hands into Ka Di Yun’s back, creating a cracking sound as he was hit by a violent attack. This caused Ka Di Yun to stagger two steps forward, but since he was a strong Saint, he immediately steadied himself. However, his face had already paled, as he realized that Jian Chen had hit the same place twice with his fists. Jian Chen’s strength could already be measured at the peak of the 9th layer, and despite Ka Di Yun being stronger than him in rank, he was the one being injured more. At that moment, he could only feel a surge of Qi and blood course through his body, his organs screaming in pain.

As Ka Di Yun steadied himself, Jian Chen had already arrived at his backside another time, and struck at his back with his right hand once more. Although the fist traveled at a speed that made it look like it was as light as a feather, the effect was anything but light. Anyone that had faced off against Jian Chen before would agree that Jian Chen’s strength was more extraordinary than it looked.

Ka Di Yun turned around abruptly, his eyes were indignant with anger. For a strong person like him to suffer this much from someone who was by all rights weaker than him, his simple plan to humiliate Jian Chen was no longer as simple as he thought.

“Ha!” Ka Di Yun snarled in anger, as his hand started to glow golden with his Saint Force. The huge concentration of Saint Force condensed into his hand as he faced Jian Chen, aiming it towards Jian Chen’s chest. Seeing Jian Chen attack with a seemingly light fist, Ka Di Yun prepared to take it head on in order to get close to Jian Chen for his own attack.

The situation turned into a critical point of the match, as both the fighter’s attacks struck each other. Jian Chen’s seemingly light and weak fist silently struck against Ka Di Yun’s chest. Immediately, Ka Di Yun’s own fist let out a muffled sound as it struck against Jian Chen’s body, blowing apart a hole in the academy uniform, and revealing a tender white skin that would be the target of envy by many of the girls. But in the blink of an eye, the skin underneath became a pile of bruises after receiving Ka Di Yun’s blow.

“Deng!” “Deng!” “Deng!”

After receiving a blow from Ka Di Yun, Jian Chen’s face contorted in pain, and the color started to drain away from his face. And with the blow being enforced by such a huge amount of strength, his legs weren’t enough to prevent him from sliding back, until he was a few inches away from the edge of the arena. At this moment, other than his paling face, Jian Chen did not seem to have any other problems, despite Ka Di Yun using his Saint Force to accentuate his attack.

Although Jian Chen was only at the 8th layer, because he had been using Azulet Sword Law to constantly cultivate his body since he was young, he had strengthened every single organ and part of his body to the utmost degree. So while on the outside, it seemed that Jian Chen’s physical body was quite weak, his actual ability to resist and take damage would leave anyone flabbergasted. Even though Ka Di Yun was a Saint, without using his Saint Weapon, his regular attacks would not be able to seriously wound Jian Chen; at the most, Jian Chen would sport some small bruises.

On the other hand, while Ka Di Yun was standing at the same place, his face had scrunched up in major pain as his body began to visibly tremble from the pain he was feeling.

Before, Jian Chen’s fist that seemed to be as light as a feather, impacted against his stomach and caused a peculiar feeling to be transferred over into him. The power forcibly entered his body and suddenly went berserk as it exploded within him, causing his internal body to go crazy from the pain.

Ka Di Yun’s face became incomparably dark, as he used all the Saint Force within his body began to combat the power that was rebelling inside. Since his Saint Force was stronger than Jian Chen’s, the foreign power within him was cleared away quickly, but the damage was done. At this point, Ka Di Yun was suffering from internal damages as well. The damages weren’t very serious, but it would definitely impact his performance in the battle for the worse if it dragged on.

Ka Di Yun glared at the calm Jian Chen in front of him with a shocked expression. He hadn’t ever imagined that he would be put in such a difficult spot as a Saint by someone who was lower ranked than him. Although he wasn’t using his Saint Weapon, his strength was still stronger than those at the peak of the 10th layer, let alone the 8th layer Jian Chen.

At that moment, Ka Di Yun finally realized how hard it was to deal with Jian Chen, but it was too late to stop. Over the past few confrontations, he understood that without using the Saint Weapon, he would have a difficult time beating Jian Chen and might even lose to him. With the Saint Weapon he would definitely win against him, but that wouldn’t be a bright situation. Besides, he had also clearly stated that he wouldn’t use a Saint Weapon against Jian Chen. If he went back on his word now, then even if he won, his reputation would plummet to the bottom. After all, there were plenty of people watching the match, along with some seniors. Not only that but he was Ka Di Yun–Gesun Kingdom’s elite elder son of the Ka Di clan; he couldn’t lose face now.

Ka Di Yun was starting to reflect on his actions now, but then Jian Chen decided to charge at him with both his arms outstretched. Rapidly approaching, Jian Chen was using a weird technique to cause his moves to become unpredictable and made him look like a bolt of lightning. In Ka Di Yun’s eyes, Jian Chen had become an after image.

Ka Di Yun narrowly blocked Jian Chen’s strike. His right arm was dislocated, and he hadn’t had enough time to pop it back into place, so he could only use his left hand to block against Jian Chen’s attacks. Because of this, in face of Jian Chen’s Saint Force, Ka Di Yun fell from his invincible position, and began to fight back earnestly now. He no longer belittled Jian Chen, and started to view him as an opponent of the same level.

The two people continued to fight at a fast paced speed; the battlefield became fierce. Jian Chen didn’t dare to hold back since Ka Di Yun’s strength was much stronger than his own. With both of them in a deadlock, the two could only defend against each other.

Jian Chen’s attacks were getting stronger and stronger, while Ka Di Yun was finding it harder and harder to resist . Gradually in front of Ka Di Yun’s eyes, all he could see were the palms of Jian Chen’s hands; his eyes were getting too tired to differentiate between the after images of Jian Chen, and he could only rely on his listening abilities to tell when and where Jian Chen would attack.

Finally, Ka Di Yun became careless, and Jian Chen struck out at his left shoulder with a powerful strike. Ka Di Yun couldn’t help but lag behind, as Jian Chen began to bombard him with a plethora of attacks. It was almost as if Ka Di Yun was in a very violent storm where he was battered from every angle.

“Peng!” “Peng!” “Peng!”

Jian Chen repeatedly hit Ka Di Yun on the shoulder with ferocious attacks, and even Ka Di Yun’s strong Saint power could not bear the attacks. He constantly retreated. and a trace of blood trickled out of Ka Di Yun’s mouth.

Seeing that Ka Di Yun was already driven to the edge of the arena, Jian Chen’s eyes fiercely flashed. Growling, Jian Chen gathered the Saint Force into his hand and struck Ka Di Yun in the chest another time. This fist was a lot stronger than the last, and the moment the fist connected, Ka Di Yun fell from the arena down onto the ground below.

Jian Chen stood on the arena while breathing heavily. Since he was constantly using his entire strength, he had exhausted his supply of Saint Force, to the point where had had almost none left within his body. If Ka Di Yun did not accept defeat here and now, then Jian Chen would not be able to maintain his odds of winning for long.

The arena became quiet, as everyone stared at the lone figure standing on top of the arena. At this moment, everyone showed incomprehensible expressions. This had already exceeded anyone’s wildest guess, and no one had thought that Jian Chen would win against a Saint. Most importantly, he had defeated a Saint while coming out almost unharmed. Even though the Saint didn’t use a Saint Weapon, this outcome was no less surprising nor predictable.

At this moment, the arena was completely silent, so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. There were over 200 people that were watching, but not a single person dared to make a sound.

“Big brother...”

A voice finally broke the spell of silence over the arena as the Ka Di siblings sped over to where Ka Di Yun lay on the floor.

As if awakened, everyone started to burst into noise, as if the seal of a pot had been broken. All around the arena, people were chattering away noisily with excitement and shock.

“Heavens, I’m not dreaming, an 8th layer student managed to beat a Saint. This is an unprecedented event in the academy history...”

“Is that Changyang Xiang Tian really at the 8th layer? Even a person at the peak of the 10th layer wouldn’t necessarily be able to beat a Saint who wasn’t using his Saint Weapon...”

“Changyang Xiang Tian’s strength can’t possibly be only at the 8th Saint Force layer. Who knows, he might have already condensed a Saint Weapon. Otherwise, how else would he be able to beat a student like Senior Ka Di Yun, a Saint...”

“Perhaps Changyang Xiang Tian used some sort of despicable method to win...”

Jian Chen didn’t bother to answer any of the comments and jumped down to where his older brother Changyang Hu was. Looking at his brother’s expression of extreme shock, Jian Chen laughed, “Big brother, I didn’t dissapoint you. I’ve won.”

Changyang Hu became emotional after hearing that, and hugged Jian Chen with both arms. “Fourth brother, you’re seriously amazing! You managed to beat Ka Di Yun, a Saint. Your big brother truly admires you!” He said as he wrapped Jian Chen in a huge bear hug.

Jian Chen let loose a happy smile from the affection, before he gradually disentangled himself from his brother’s arms, “Big brother, there’s too many people here to talk. Let’s leave this place first.”

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