Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 21: Saint Ka Di Yun

Chapter 21: Saint Ka Di Yun

Seeing how close he was to hitting his target, Ka Di Liang felt a tiny amount of regret. However, he immediately went back into motion, and flung a kick at Jian Chen.

In a flash, 10 moves had passed without Jian Chen retaliating, and every single move from Ka Di Liang had been easily dodged. But to everyone else that was watching, Jian Chen had been narrowly dodging each move by the skin of his teeth, causing everyone watching, including Changyang Hu, to break out in cold sweat as they watched in anxiety.

Ka Di Liang’s attacks were fairly fast and furious, but none of the 10 moves he had lashed out with even touched Jian Chen’s clothes. Having not landed a single blow, Ka Di Liang was angry beyond belief.

Finally lifting a fist to block Ka Di Liang’s fist, Jian Chen spoke, “10 moves have passed, it’s my turn.” Without waiting for a response, he aimed a kick at Ka Di Liang.

The speed in which his leg was moving was extremely fast; there wasn’t even enough time for Ka Di Liang to dodge. By the time he tried to move his hand up to block, Jian Chen’s leg had already smashed against Ka Di Liang’s chest.

“Deng!” “Deng!” “Deng!”

The force of Jian Chen’s leg caused Ka Di Liang to stumble backwards. As he steadied himself Ka Di Liang gave Jian Chen a dumbstruck look; although Jian Chen was only at the 8th Saint Force layer, Jian Chen’s strength had far surpassed his expectations. It wasn’t something Ka Di Liang would be able to endure.

In the last fight during the competition, Ka Di Liang had never exchanged blows with Jian Chen, so he never understood the true extent of Jian Chen’s strength. It was not until this fight that Ka Di Liang realized that Jian Chen was stronger than he looked. In fact, based on the strength of the kick just now, Ka Di Liang was starting to doubt that Jian Chen was only at the 8th Saint Force layer.

Perhaps Jian Chen also wanted to end this battle quickly, because he didn’t give Ka Di Liang time to even gasp before he quickly slammed his fist into Ka Di Liang’s nose.

Ka Di Liang’s face hardened as he stood back up, his entire body tried to stand against Jian Chen’s fist before he tried to smash his fist against Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen let out a cold laugh before blocking the fist with his own hand. Grabbing onto Ka Di Liang’s shoulder with his other hand, he got into a horse stance, and grabbed onto him with his right arm. Grabbing tightly, he exerted some force and sent Ka Di Liang flying away.

In his previous life, Jian Chen had learned wrestling techniques from the Mongols, so he was fairly proficient at it. He had used it many times, and gained experience in it so much, that it was ingrained into his memory. Jian Chen learned many different skills other than just swordplay, and was fairly proficient at every single thing he put his mind towards.

Ka Di Liang’s body was almost like a feather as he flew through the air, thanks to Jian Chen. He flew 4-5 meters into the air before finally falling back down to the arena.


He saw Jian Chen to be weak, but somehow, Jian Chen had managed to accomplish such a feat with his delicate-looking figure. Likewise, the audience around the arena let out gasps of shock as they started to reevaluate their opinions about Jian Chen. Seeing the two fight it out like this made it so that no one would ever dare to underestimate Jian Chen in the future.

The faces of Ka Di Yun and Ka Di Qiuli both gradually turned quite ugly. The situation was far beyond what they had expected it to be.

“Heng! Changyang Xian Tian, you actually are a slightly skilled,” Ka Di Yun said in a low voice, while angrily gritting his teeth.

Ka Di Liang stood back up pathetically on the ring with a cloudy looking face. He looked at Jian Chen’s eyes with a gaze filled with poison.

“Ahh!” Ka Di Liang roared, focusing all his power of the 9th level of Saint Force in the center of his two palms. He quickly rushed towards Jian Chen with both his arms pressing towards Jian Chen’s chest, and attacked.

Jian Chen sneered, and as he condensed all his Saint Force onto his palms as well, he suddenly threw his own hands towards Ka Di Liang’s, resulting in a collision between both pairs of hands.


As the sound came echoing out, Jian Chen and Ka Di Liang were stuck in a deadlock. Their fists had slammed so hard against each other, a mini shockwave pushed both of them backwards.

Jian Chen didn’t stop there; his legs began to blur as he skillfully maneuvered to counter the shock. Looking at the rapidly retreating Ka Di Liang, Jian Chen immediately dashed forward and leapt up from the ground, both of his legs kicking out at Ka Di Liang.

Before Ka Di Liang could regain his footing, he was unable to block the attack. As he was kicked in the stomach by Jian Chen, Ka Di Liang was sent flying once more.

“Pff!” Hitting the ground, Ka Di Liang’s face went white from the pain as he began to spit out some blood. He had started to take in heavy amounts of damage.

“Younger brother!”

“Older brother!”

Ka Di Yun and Ka Di Qiuli ran up to Kai Di Liang’s side on the ground. Picking him up, they grimaced and looked at him with concern as they saw the small trickle of blood from the corner of Ka Di Liang’s mouth.

“Younger brother, are you ok?” Ka Di Yun asked. His face was relatively unsightly to look at, although the situation was different from last time, since Ka Di Liang had been careless during the first match with Jian Chen. However, this second time was different. This time Ka Di Liang was fighting with Jian Chen using all of his strength, which was stronger than 80% of the other 9th Saint Force Layer students.

“Older brother, how are you feeling, are you seriously hurt?” Ka Di Qiuli asked with a voice full of concern.

Ka Di Liang was helped to his feet by his two siblings. Lightly shaking his head, he said, “Eldest brother, third sister, I’ll be fine. I’ve only suffered from minor injuries.” But even as he said that, his two siblings could detect a small tinge of weakness in his voice.

Looking at Ka Di Liang’s pale face, Ka Di Yun grew angry. Raising his head to look at the elevated Jian Chen, he growled, “Third sister, you take care of second brother. I’ll go teach that arrogant brat a lesson!” Leaving his siblings, he walked up into the arena to confront him.

“Eldest brother, you shouldn’t...”

“Eldest brother, you can’t...”

Ka Di Liang and Ka Di Qiuli tried to block his path, but unfortunately, they didn’t reach him in time. The two siblings let out a sigh. No matter if Ka Di Yun won or lost now, the Ka Di clan would lose some prestige within the academy. This was originally a fair battle, so if they had lost, then they wouldn’t have felt any negative side effects other than losing some face. But now that Ka Di Yun was going to fight, the whole situation was different. If news about a freshman immediately being bullied by some seniors straight after entering the academy was spread throughout the entire academy, then the three siblings would be mocked and ridiculed by the whole academy..

Jian Chen stared at Ka Di Yun as he leapt up onto the stage and sneered, “Are you here to avenge your brother?”

Angrily glaring at Jian Chen, he said, “Changyang Xiang Tian, you really are strong. However, you’ve injured my brother; therefore, I won’t let you leave this place unharmed.”

The people around the stage all creased their foreheads as they listened to him. Their opinions about Ka Di Yun had now changed.

“Ka Di Yun, what is the meaning of this, do you plan to bully the Changyang clan until no one remains?” A deep voice called out as another person walked onto the arena. Turning around,Jian Chen felt relieved to see it was his older brother, Changyang Hu.

Changyang Hu stared at Ka Di Yun intensely, “Ka Di Yun, if you want to fight, then you’ll have to fight me first.”

Jian Chen felt a wave of warmth encompass his body as he listened to his brother back him up. “Big brother, you should head back down, I can handle this myself.”

Changyang Hu shook his head in response to him. “No can do, fourth brother, it should be you that should head down. Ka Di Yun’s strength has long since reached the peak of the Saint Force level. You are no match for him, so let your big brother help you.”

After hesitating a bit from these words, Jian Chen nodded, “Then big brother, please be careful.” Saying this, Jian Chen walked off the arena.

Ka Di Yun sneered in disdain as he watched Jian Chen exit the arena, “Changyang Hu, you’re just asking for trouble, so don’t blame me for anything that happens.”

“Hmph, you’re saying this far too early. Whoever the winner is and whoever the loser is isn’t certain yet.” Changyang Hu replied. He and Ka Di Yun had long since reached the peak of the 10th Saint Force layer, so if Ka Di Yun didn’t condense his Saint Force into a Saint Weapon, then their strengths would be equal.

Ka Di Yun let loose a ridiculing expression as he looked at the disdain on Changyang Hu’s face. Lifting his right arm, a large golden colored stream of energy started to focus onto his right arm and condensed into a great golden sword. The golden sword was quite large, and measured around 5 feet long and a single palm spread wide. Judging from the length of the handle, the sword was meant to be held with both hands.

Looking at Ka Di Yun grab the sword with both hands, Jian Chen’s eyebrows furrowed together in concern. He had read up on Saint Weapons back in the Changyang Mansion. He could easily see that this was Ka Di Yun’s Saint Weapon, and that this was also the first Saint Weapon that Jian Chen had ever seen since he first arrived in this new world. He had long since understood that a Saint Weapon was the condensed version of one’s Saint Force, but seeing this with his own eyes, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel amazed. To think that the Saint Force could be condensed in such a way, it felt almost like a fantasy. This made Jian Chen feel extremely excited.

The moment the golden two hand sword appeared, everyone cried out in surprise and admiration.

“A Saint Weapon, he really did condense one....”

“So he already broke through into the Saint level...”

“Ka Di Yun became a Saint, Changyang Hu will be in trouble now...”

The distance between the peak of the 10th layer to Sainthood wasn’t that far, but it was nonetheless very difficult to cross over. Within the Kargath Academy, the majority of the seniors had all reached the peak of the 10th Saint Force layer, but were unable to condense their Saint Force into Saint Weapons. If one didn’t have the talent that surpassed a regular person’s, then it would be extremely difficult for him/her to make a breakthrough. Within the Tian Yuan continent, it was not rare to see many practitioners to be stuck at the 10th layer until the end of their lives, without being able to become a Saint. From this one could see that successfully becoming a Saint was a truly difficult achievement.

Also, once one broke through to becoming a Saint, his/her strength would be increased by a large amount. A Saint Weapon wasn’t one’s only weapon; one could use his/her emotions to directly fuel his/her abilities in order to use attacks that far surpassed one’s original strength.

Looking at Ka Di Yun’s golden sword, Changyang Hu’s face became extremely unsightly. Now that Ka Di Yun possessed a Saint Weapon, his strength could overturn the heavens; a person at the peak of the 10th Saint Force layer definitely wouldn’t be a match for him.

“Big brother really did condense a Saint Weapon!” Below the arena, Ka Di Qiuli was pleasantly surprised, as she watched Ka Di Yun wave his Saint Weapon around.

Ka Di Liang had an envious look on his face as he stared at the Saint Weapon, but he too was pleasantly surprised. Both siblings had not realized that their eldest sibling had reached the Saint level until this moment.

Holding the Saint Weapon, Ka Di Yun’s confidence in himself was boosted to unprecedented levels. As Changyang Hu’s face grew darker and darker, Ka Di Yun’s face became even haughtier. The pleasure Ka Di Yun felt in his heart was indescribable.

“Hahahaha, Changyang Hu, are you afraid now? If you kneel down and kowtow to the ground three times and call me your elder then I’ll spare you. If you don’t then...hmph, you’ll know what the end result will be.” Ka Di Yun laughed crazily, his tone savage..

Changyang Hu’s face ashened as he listened to Ka Di Yun’s demands. Snarling, he answered, “Dream on, Ka Di Yun. Even if you’re a Saint now, I, Changyang Hu, will never be afraid of you.”

Ka Di Yun looked at Changyang Hu arrogantly, and casually said, “Changyang Hu, what will you use to fight me with then?”

Changyang Hu angrily glared at Ka Di Yun, fury blazing in his eyes.

“Changyang Hu, your sword!”

At that moment, a sword came flying out from the audience below the arena.

Changyang Hu grabbed the iron sword while settling into a stance. The sword was not light at all, and was of a fairly long size. The silver white sword sparkled in the light in all 4 directions, and aside from the color, there were few differences between Ka Di Yun’s sword and Changyang Hu’s sword.

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