Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 19: Inconvenience

Chapter 19: Inconvenience

In a flash, three days had already passed. Although the three days were not long, it still allowed Jian Chen to become more accustomed to the lifestyle and environment in Kargath Academy. Within these three days, other than Jian Chen participating in classes on the first day, he had spent his time on the other two days either cultivating in his room, or wandering around the library.

Due to the fact that the curriculum taught by the teachers of the academy revolved around how one should behave, what should be done in a dangerous situation, and a few skills one would need in order to survive out in the areas outside the cities, Jian Chen felt that these things weren’t even worth learning. He was a wanderer in his previous life; with his experience, he could teach those teachers how the class should be taught.

With his battle experience and ability to live wherever in the world, he could teach both the teachers and the students by himself; as the teachers’ experience with battle was not at all extensive, it could not even be compared to Jian Chen’s.

The next morning, Jian Chen put on the academy uniform and headed straight for the library after eating a meal at the dining hall. The academy was very lax about their classes; if one wanted to attend, then they could attend, if one didn’t want to attend, then that was no problem either. After all, most of the nobles and children of rich families had already been tutored since young, so they had knowledge that could rival some of the teachers, but they lacked the experience. Therefore, the classes were pretty much only for the commoners to learn from. It was very rare that a noble would attend a class, and if they did, then it was a minor noble.

Arriving at the first level of the library, Jian Chen took a few books, and began to eagerly read them at a table in the reading area.

Kargath Academy’s library was expansive, and there was a generous amount of books on almost every subject. It was vastly superior to the library back in Changyang Mansion, and Jian Chen could find many books that couldn’t be found back at home, helping him understand the world to a better extent.

Right now, the book in Jian Chen’s hands was an introduction book to all of the magical beasts that could be found in the Tian Yuan continent. There were many different kinds of magical beasts; no matter if the beast could walk or fly, the amount of species amounted to over 1000. The book even mentioned that there were still many magical beasts left undiscovered, and for the magical beasts that didn’t live within the deep abyss of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, then they lived in the endless ocean. That was an area that even the strongest of people had trouble traveling to.

As Jian Chen immersed himself in studying, a 16-17 year old female student suddenly came walking through the doors. The female was extraordinarily pretty, and she also wore the academy uniform. Her long and beautiful hair was carefully braided into tiny ponytails, causing her face to look even more gorgeous. But on her face was an extremely haughty expression; one look at her would reveal that she was from a noble family.

This female was actually Ka Di Qiuliu of the Ka Di Clan.

Ka Di Qiuliu entered the library and walked over to the bookshelf, before casually walking on over the reading area with a book in hand. She glanced over at the other students reading there, but the moment her eyes swept over to the area with the tables, she saw the back of Jian Chen, causing her to immediately stop where she was and stand there in surprise.

Ka Di Qiuliu focused onto Jian Chen’s back, the light in her eyes never ceasing to flicker with emotion. Just thinking about how, a few days ago, she had been grabbed by the leg and casually thrown out of the arena without regard to her well-being, caused her to feel fury within herself. To her, that event was an unforgettable humiliation. The memory caused her face to boil over in anger before she snorted. No longer in the mood to read a book, she tossed it aside and stamped out of the library while gnashing at her teeth, “Changyang Xiang Tian, hmph, I’ll definitely show you one day!”

But Jian Chen did not notice Ka Di Qiuliu at all, since he was completely focused on the book he was reading. No one would dare cause trouble in the library, so Jian Chen didn’t bother keeping his guard up in it.

After Ka Di Qiuli left the library, she immediately found her second brother, Ka Di Liang, who was practicing his martial arts alone in the forest.

Seeing Ka Di Qiuli walkover, Ka Di Liang stopped his movements and laughed, “Third sister, didn’t you say you were going to the library? Why are you looking for me here then?” In his heart, he still dearly loved his younger sister.

Ka Di Qiuli walked up to him with a grimace, “Second brother, did you not say you would help me teach Changyang Xiang Tian a lesson?”

Immediately after hearing Changyang Xiang Tian, the smile on Ka Di Liang’s face disappeared, and a gloomy expression replaced it. He had been brooding over the freshmen competition for the past few days, and since he had been defeated by an 8th Saint Force layer student in such an ugly way, Ka Di Liang would never forget feeling that memory. That very kick was the single memoriam of his disgrace.

Ka Di Qiuli was furious as she spoke, “Second brother, Changyang Xiang Tian was in the library today; we should go over there and teach him a lesson!”

“Yes, of course; this time we will definitely be the winners. Come with me, third sister!” Ka Di Liang started to walk towards the library with determination. There was no way he would admit defeat to Jian Chen; he had blamed his loss the other day due to his carelessness. It was because he had held back that he had lost to Jian Chen; this time the high and mighty Ka Di Liang would not accept defeat.

Ka Di Qiuli started to show excitement. “This time, second brother must definitely give the brat Changyang Xiang Tian a lesson he’ll never forget,” she said, as she followed him to the library. Even though the two of them were both at the 9th layer of Saint Force, she knew that she was still no match for her older brother. And if Ka Di Liang were to lose against Changyang Xiang Tian, then there would be no way she would be able to win.

At the library, Jian Chen was still deeply engrossed with his book.

“Hello, do you mind if I sit down here?” At this moment, a crisp voice came from the side of Jian Chen. Although he was deeply engrossed in his book, Jian Chen’s soul was formidably strong, and brought him back to awareness.

Reflexively turning his head, Jian Chen saw a 17-18 year old female standing right next to him. She wore an academy uniform, and had long black hair cascading down her shoulders. She had a refined, but kind smile, with eyes that looked curiously at Jian Chen. With her cherry red lips, there were people who were practically fighting each other to get closer to her. Although she was only 17-18, her body was so delicately refined that the academy uniform nicely accentuated her. Currently, the girl was hugging a thick book close to her.

Jian Chen casually looked at her before turning around to look around the room; he hadn’t realized that all of the tables were so full that not a single spot was left to sit down.

Looking back to the beautiful female, Jian Chen answered, “Go ahead!” Returning his eyes back to his book, he didn’t bother to look at her even though she was so pretty.

The girl looked at the engrossed Jian Chen with a strange look. Her eyes shined with a peculiar look as she sat down, “Thank you!” She said gently. Her voice was gentle sounding; anyone who heard her talk would feel comforted.

Jian Chen didn’t hear her words however, as he was already too absorbed in reading his book again. In his eyes, he could only see the book.

The girl looked at Jian Chen with curiosity again, but she didn’t say anything, and sat down with her book she was holding. She looked graceful as she slowly thumbed through her book, even though it was such a simple action. This gracefulness was an inherent talent of a noble, and suited her well.

The library was very peaceful. Even though there weren’t that many people, none of them made a sound, as they concentrated on their respective books.

At that moment, a male and a female student came through the gates of the library–it was the siblings, Ka Di Liang and Ka Di Qiuli.

“Second brother, look, he’s right over there.” Ka Di Qiuli pointed at Jian Chen.

Ka Di Liang looked to where Ka Di Qiuli was pointing, and sure enough, he saw the all too familiar body figure. He looked on with disdain as he advanced towards him with his head held high and an arrogant face. With his head high and chest out, he walked towards Jian Chen with Ka Di Qiuli closely trailing behind.

“Peng!” The moment Ka Di Liang got to the table Jian Chen was at, he slammed his hand onto the table, causing a large sound to echo out into the previously silent room.

The sudden noise attracted the attentions of all the people reading, and their gazes all moved away from their books one by one they began to observe Jian Chen’s table. Aside from a few people furrowing their brows, most people carried amused expressions.

Jian Chen knit his brows, and slowly lifted his head. He looked straight at Ka Di Liang, and said heavily with a hint of anger, “What are you doing!”

At this moment, even the girl sitting across from Jian Chen had furrowed her brows, and she looked at Ka Di Liang in annoyance, her face also carrying hints of anger. The sudden loud noise by her ear had scared her while she was peacefully absorbed in reading her book.

Ka Di Liang looked at Jian Chen with contempt, and haughtily said, “Changyang Xiang Tian, I, Ka Di Liang, formally want to request a duel. Do you dare to accept?” Ka Di Liang voice resonated through the entire first floor of the library, as if he were afraid nobody would be able to hear it.

“Duel!” Jian Chen’s face showed a hint of disdain, and he lightly snorted, “I’m not interested, so please leave this area immediately. Don’t disturb my reading; I don’t have the luxury of wasting time on you!”

Realizing that Jian Chen was not seeing him as his equal, Ka Di Liang’s eyes flashed with anger. Glaring at Jian Chen, he ground his teeth, and forcefully squeezed out the words, “Do you dare to or not!”

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