Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 11: Kargath Academy

Chapter 11: Kargath Academy

Bi Yuntian held Jian Chen’s head in a loving way as she slowly walked forward, “Third sister, this was only some playful sparring between kids; not something we should worry about. It’s pointless to get angry; in the end, the two of them are just children after all. Right now, we should instead concentrate on healing Ke Er’s wounds.”

At the words of Bi Yuntian, despite still being quite mad, all Yu Feng Han could do was fume silently. She was afraid that if she continued to nag everyone about the acts of such small children, her three sisters would begin to see her in a darker light.

Bi Yuntian walked up to where Changyang Ke reclined, closed her eyes and brought her two hands over the boys wounds. Her hands hovered there for a moment before letting off a faint white glow.

At that moment, Jian Chen’s eyes sparkled with interest. He could clearly sense that a special power was gradually gathering in his mother’s hands, forming that faint white glow. Moreover, this type of special power was the exact same power that he was able to contain inside the ball he had made earlier.

Jian Chen began to pay close attention to his mother’s movements, and in doing so he suddenly realized that he was actually unsure if he was able to understand the very same method his mother was using to manipulate the energy. After all, he had discovered ages ago that this ability to integrate the strength of the world was complicated.

The white glow in Bi Yuntian’s hands grew stronger and stronger, yet the light never hurt one’s eyes. After a few deep breaths, she flicked her arms and the milky white light left her hands and floated down to Changyang Ke’s stomach, slowly merging with the wound there. The white bandages that were already there obstructed Jian Chen’s view of what exactly the white ball of energy was doing, and what changes were occurring.

After completing her task, Bi Yuntian let out a deep breath, “Third sister, Changyang Ke is fine, his injuries should be nonexistent now.”

A happy smile finally appeared on Yu Feng Han’s face. She thanked Bi Yuntian briefly before quickly stepping over to Changyang Ke’s bedside. She gave a concerned look towards her son and asked, “Ke Er, how are you feeling? Does your wound still hurt?”

Changyang Ke raised his hand to rub at his stomach area, and laughed before starting to tear at his bandages, “Mother, your son is all right now. It’s very comfortable.”.

After the bandages fell off, it was clear that the wound on Changyang Ke’s stomach was nowhere to be seen. Only a small bloody scar remained, but other than that, the wound had ceased to exist.

Upon seeing this, Jian Chen suddenly understood. This type of mysterious energy was the unique energy that belonged to Radiant Saints. Their energy had a special healing effect that could heal any injury, no matter how grave. Under the care of a Radiant Saint, any wound would be healed rapidly. Since his own mother was a Radiant Saint, she was able to use this healing power. Legends said that some very strong Radiant Saints were able to regrow someone’s arm, as well as having the power to resurrect the dead!

Inside Jian Chen’s head, he had a secret thought: If he was able to understand and absorb the energy of the Radiant Saint, then he may be able to be like his mother, and have the same amount of control a Radiant Saint had to heal wounds.

As he had this thought, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel impatient, and wanted to test it out. However, in the end he still endured the temptation, since his current situation was not appropriate for experimenting.

At that moment, the doors to the room opened wide. Jian Chen glanced at the people who walked in together; it was his father, Changyang Ba, and the Changyang clan’s housekeeper, Chang Bai.

“How is Ke Er, his injuries are not that severe are they?” Changyang Ba asked with a voice of concern.

“I thank my lord for his concern, but fourth sister has already healed him, so Ke Er is fine now.” Yu Feng Han’s face showed a hint of a smile. Changyang Ba was showing some concern for his son, so she felt happy.

“Then everything is fine now! Changyang Ba nodded his head and looked at Jian Chen, “Xiang’er, how have these past few days been treating you?” Even when talking to Jian Chen, some concern was being shown as well.

“I thank father for his concerns, your son has been doing very well.” Jian Chen’s voice was very even. Ever since the end of the Saint Test, this was the first time Changyang Ba and Jian Chen had talked to each other.

Hearing Jian Chen’s voice sound so clipped with a sense of detachment, Changyang Ba couldn’t help but sigh to himself secretly. “Xiang’er, come accompany your father to the study room.” Changyang Ba then turned around to exit from the room.

In a flash, Jian Chen followed Changyang Ba and Chang Bai into the study room. Sitting down on a chair, Changyang Ba stared at Jian Chen for a moment, before asking him, “Xiang’er, I have heard that earlier this morning, you injured Qiu Er of the kitchen servants this morning.”

“That is true!” Jian Chen had already realized that his true strength had already been revealed, so there was no point in trying to hide it.

Changyang Ba’s eyes had a cheerful expression as he laughed and said gently, “Xiang’er, why don’t you tell your father, can you already cultivate Saint Force?”

Jian Chen nodded his head faintly and answered as neutrally as before, “Yes!” He knew that there was no way he could conceal this fact, so he admitted it with straightforward answer.

Although he already could guess that Jian Chen could cultivate Saint Force, hearing the confirmation from Jian Chen’s own mouth made Changyang Ba feel even more emotional.

“Chang Bai, may I trouble you to test Xiang’er’s Saint Force again?” Changyang Ba was happy now, but he still spoke to Chang Bai politely, not at all having an attitude of the clan master asking for a housekeeper to do something.

But Chang Bai only laughed, and brought the hand with his Space Ring up, causing the Saint Stone to once more appear right in front of Jian Chen’s eyes. “Fourth master, please put your hand on top of the stone!” He said in a warm tone.

The moment Jian Chen put his hand on the Saint Stone, Chang Bai also activated it. In that instant, Jian Chen once again felt that mysterious power being emitted from the Saint Stone, entering his body through his arms. Within him, the power roamed around in a circle, before finally returning back to the Saint Stone. At the same time, the only thing that could be seen was the entire Saint Stone suddenly emitting a faint red glow.

Seeing the Saint Stone glow red, Changyang Ba’s face showed an excited expression. Even Chang Bai now had a faint smile, and he looked at Jian Chen with a gratified look in his eyes.

“Clan leader, based on the strength of the glow, fourth master has already reached the fourth Saint Force layer.” Chang Bai said with a faint smile.

“The fourth layer...the fourth layer...” Changyang Ba gradually stood up from his chair, and in excitement, he wrung his hands together. Before this, he had already guessed such a result, but it had only been a guess. Now that he knew the actual situation, he felt a new feeling in his heart.

Jian Chen had already reached the fourth Saint Force layer at the age of seven. Perhaps this level was not very outstanding compared to the entire Tian Yuan Continent, but within Gesun Kingdom, this was enough to qualify as a first class genius. Moreover, his third brother, Changyang Ke, was three years older than Jian Chen, and yet his inner Saint Force power had just reached the fourth layer.

Chang Bai once again placed the Saint Stone within his Space Ring. With a gratified look, he smiled, “Fourth master, you really have not disappointed me.”

Changyang Ba quickly calmed down, and glanced at Jian Chen in a completely transformed light. His eyes were now filled with surprise, excitement, and gratitude.

By the time Jian Chen left the study room, it was already almost noon. Right after Jian Chen left, Changyang Ba looked at Chang Bai, and with a slightly doubtful tone he said, “Chang Bai, since Xiang’er has Saint Force, then how come last time he was tested, it wasn’t detected? It had even scared me into thinking that Xian Er was a cripple that could was not able to cultivate Saint Force.”

Chang Bai furrowed his brows, and after pondering for a bit, slowly said, “I’m not completely sure either. Perhaps the last Saint Test malfunctioned somehow. However, this is no longer of any importance!”

Changyang Ba nodded, “Currently, Xiang’er is only around seven years old, and he has already reached the fourth Saint Force level. If this continues, I predict that the latest that Xiang’er will break through the tenth Saint Force level is by the age of eighteen and condense his Saint Force into a Saint Weapon. Moreover, Xiang’er has always been an outstanding genius since he was young, so I want to quickly send him to Kargath Academy to study. What does Chang Bai think?”

Hearing these words, Chang Bai pondered for a bit, then replied, “Kargath Academy is the most famous academy in our Gesun Kingdom. However, the threshold to enter the academy is high. The person’s strength must have reached the eighth Saint Force level, and his or her age cannot be over eighteen. If clan leader wants to quickly send fourth master to Kargath Academy, I’m afraid that is impossible in such a short period of time. Although the fourth master has already reached the fourth Saint Force level, the distance to the eighth Saint Force level will most likely take quite a long time. After all, the higher the Saint Force level, the harder it is to raise.”

“I hope that Xiang’er can quickly train to the eighth Saint Force level within the next few years.” Changyang Ba said softly.

Chang Bai smiled, “Don’t worry, clan leader. I believe that fourth master will reach the eighth Saint Force layer sooner or later. The only issue is time, since just now, when I assessed fourth master, I discovered that fourth master’s Saint Force wasn’t far from reaching the fifth layer.”

Hearing these words, Changyang Ba was unable to contain his joy, as he mumbled, “I hope that Xiang’er will really surpass Chang Bai in the future, and become the clan’s pillar of support.”

Chang Bai stood on the side, smiling wordlessly. However, his eyes did not at all hide his expression of anticipation.


After leaving the study room, Jian Chen immediately ran quickly back to his own room. He tightly closed his door, and he recalled the entire frightening scene of his fight with Changyang Ke.

Although Jian Chen knew that during his fight with Dugu Qiubai in his previous world, he had made a breakthrough and entered the Realm of the Sword God, but he didn’t dare think that after his reincarnation he would still be able to accomplish it. Just thinking about that remarkable ability sent Jian Chen into a spiral of joy and excitement.

But when Jian Chen thought back to when the tree branch had mysteriously emitted Sword Qi, he started to feel some doubt. He no longer had the same strength he had from the previous world, so how was it possible for him to control an ordinary tree branch with the same Sword Qi?

As he contemplated this, Jian Chen decided to give it a try once more. Scanning the room, his eyes noticed a nearby wooden clothes rack. Snapping off a 2 foot wooden strip, Jian Chen would use it as a makeshift sword.

Holding the two foot wooden strip, Jian Chen slowly entered a state of tranquility. Deep in his mind, Jian Chen slowly began to convince himself that the wooden strip in his hand was not a wooden strip, but a sword instead. A sword for a god, a sword for a god that could overcome anything. Slowly as he harmonized with it, he could feel the grains in his hands, and see them very clearly within his own head so well, he could even understand their internal compositions.

Sucking a deep breath, he tried to quell the feelings of emotions within his heart. Taking hold of his emotions, the item in his hand flew into the air.

Right as Jian Chen’s mind had reached this state, he had already established a connection between the wooden strip and his spirit. As the wooden strip separated from his hand, it floated by itself in midair while still being under Jian Chen’s control. It slowly inched forward before emitting a white ray of light, revealing the sharp Sword Qi he was familiar with.

At this moment, Jian Chen had realized his soul had completely harmonized with the wooden strip, to the point that it had felt like his own arm that could easily be controlled with his will. At the same time, he had realized that the Sword Qi in the wooden strip had something to do with his soul.

With that realization, Jian Chen could only see a bright ray of light coming from the hovering wooden strip and flew around his body with a speed so fast, even Jian Chen couldn’t see it clearly.

Jian Chen’s heart pulsed quickly as his face revealed a look of extreme joy. He had not thought that the final moment of his life in the previous world would he be able to understand the Sword’s Soul.

From that day on, the remarkable ability of the Sword’s Soul was not only Jian Chen’s strongest attack, but also a skill that could save his life.

Unknowingly, a few years passed. The current Jian Chen was already fifteen years old. During these past few years, Jian Chen had rarely gone outside, and spent every day in his room training the Azulet Sword Law. His strength had already been revealed, and he had even been recognized as a cultivating genius. Thus, his position in the Changyang household had changed; there was no longer a single person in the household that dared to look down on him. Moreover, Changyang Ba had been extremely caring to Jian Chen in pretty much every possible way. Among this, the happiest one was Bi Yuntian. Originally, her son that was deemed as a cripple unable to cultivate, but now he had transformed into a cultivating genius, especially since he had reached the fourth Saint Force layer at the age of seven. Anyone could imagine how happy Bi Yuntian was about her son being extraordinary.

However, Jian Chen discovered that since he had revealed his true strength, his eldest aunt Ling Long and third aunt Yu Feng Han seemed to always look at him with an unfriendly expression. This situation was one that the Jian Chen with memories of his previous life was well aware of.

Within the past few years, Jian Chen had already reached the eighth Saint Force layer. Moreover, this was only because Jian Chen had purposely slowed down his pace. That was because during the past few years, Jian Chen had used almost half the time to familiarize himself with the sword laws from his previous world. Otherwise, he most likely would have broken through the eighth level ages ago. Because of this, Jian Chen was currently not far from reaching the ninth layer already.

Right now, within the Changyang household, Jian Chen’s strength had already well surpassed his second sister Changyang Mingyue, and his third brother Changyang Ke. Although Changyang Mingyue was over three years older than Jian Chen, her Saint Force had stopped at the seventh layer. As for Changyang Ke, he had never really had any talent for cultivating, and his current seventeen year old self had only achieved the fifth Saint Force layer after much difficulty.

In the early morning, a large group of people gathered outside the great hall. Amongst this group were Jian Chen’s parents, his three aunts, and even his third brother, Changyang Ke, and his second sister, Changyang Mingyue. Aside from them, a few of Changyang household’s chief figures were also present. There was also a bird-type magical beast about 3 meters large that calmly sat on the ground, not too far from the crowd of people.

Today was the day that Jian Chen would leave for Kargath Academy to study. The minimum standard to enter Kargath Academy was having achieved the eighth level. In addition, the person’s age could not be over eighteen. Currently, Jian Chen met both of these standards. Moreover, today happened to also be the enrolling general assembly for Kargath Academy that only occurred once a year.

Bi Yuntian’s face was covered in tears as she looked at Jian Chen. With a loving gaze, she said, “Xiang’er, you have to study diligently at the academy. Try to stay out of trouble, understand?” Bi Yuntian spoke with a tone filled with deep concern.

Jian Chen obediently nodded, and said, “Don’t worry, Mother, I know what I should do.”

Changyang Ba walked up to Jian Chen, and said, “Xiang’er, this Space Belt is something Father prepared especially for you. Although it isn’t anything priceless, and the amount of space inside isn’t very large, it can still store some small things. If you break through the tenth level by the time you turn eighteen and condense your Saint Force into a Saint Weapon, then Father will reward you with a Space Ring and a Monster Core.” While speaking, a very exquisite belt had already appeared in his hands. Seeing the size of the belt, it was obvious that it had been specifically tailored for Jian Chen.

Seeing Changyang Ba be so concerned about Jian Chen, Linglong and Fenyan, who were standing nearby, couldn’t help but show a trace of deep jealousy and dissatisfaction. However, currently, everyone’s gazes were gathered on Jian Chen, and nobody had noticed them.

Jian Chen accepted the belt, and said with a strong self-confidence, “Father, I will definitely become a Saint soon.”

Changyang Ba expressed a trace of a smile, and he looked at Jian Chen with a gaze full of gratification.

“Fourth master, it’s getting late. We should go on our way.” At that moment, the housekeeper Chang Bai that was standing on the side, spoke up.

Jian Chen gave one final glance at his mother, and then walked over to Chang Bai without once turning his back, and said, “Chang Bai, let’s leave.”

Chang Bai reached out and lifted Jian Chen onto the back of the flying magical beast. Afterwards, he jumped on as well, sitting next to Jian Chen. Faintly smiling at Jian Chen, he said, “Fourth master, sit tight please.”

Afterwards, he only saw Chang Bai pat the magical beast’s back. In an instant, the flying magical beast seemed to have received a command, and stretched out its 10 meter long wings to fly up. It directly rose up into the air, and began to quickly fly off into the distance.

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