Celestial Bloodline

Chapter 382 Is It Kyle?

A freshly built colossal border encircles a vast expanse, stretching as far as the eye can see. Many individuals are overseeing the construction in various areas of the new continent, Coexis.

Despite being in the same location as the former Central Continent, the new continent still needs a lot of work. So, those who sought safety could adapt to this new space.

Not to mention, the people who lost their loved ones or those who left their families behind. The grief still lingers, and many are mourning. However, all the races have come together, knowing that they must unite and fight back against the enemies, for Coexis is their last hope. Because if they don't, no one will survive.

The border is made up of towering walls adorned with intricate carvings and symbols. These symbols are used to activate the largest array around the continent. However, the array was deactivated after the big attack the continent experienced last month. Strangely, Diora, Hay, and the army under their command have quieted down for some reason.

But everyone knows the duo might be getting ready for the ultimate attack that could wipe out the planet's last hope completely.

That's why all around the border, many individuals, young and old, adorned in heavy armor, were stationed. The entrances of the continent were strictly guarded to ensure no enemies would enter.

On the eastern side of the border, the air was filled with a lot of metallic noises. A few familiar faces were facing off against the monsters emerging from the forest, surrounded by many men in armor. However, the monsters, for some strange reason, were too aggressive.

Sinon furrowed his brows and gazed up at the sky, or rather, he fixated his gaze on the magnificent fire phoenix. Bia's vibrant feathers were ablaze as she gracefully hovered in the air.

"Bia! If you've managed to recover your mana, could you please make the remaining monsters retreat? I'm feeling exhausted, and I'm sure the others are too."

The phoenix looked down, and the crimson flames around her body danced and flickered.

-"I need more time. The monsters are getting more aggressive, and it's getting hard for me to control them. It's like they're completely losing their minds, and the monster lord's authority isn't working."

Mia, who was floating above the border, gazed at the phoenix with a soft expression.

"Don't worry, if you're tired, leave it to me."

She raised her hand and formed intricate patterns, like fiery ribbons swirling in the air. Before long, a large mouth made of air and fire opened up and swallowed a bunch of monsters. The monsters cried out in pain as the air currents around them wreaked havoc on their bodies.

Bia stared at the beautiful woman and quickly joined her side.

-"Where are the others? Are they still trying to summon the guardians of the tower of opportunity? I don't think it will work. We've wasted too many resources, and we can't even communicate with the people inside the tower."

Mia softly caressed Bia's head. She knew they didn't have any option. Just recently, Alec informed everyone about the true strength of the otherworldly ranks that surpassed what they believed was the strongest. The man had suddenly offered that they should summon the guardians inside the tower for assistance, but they were unable to communicate with them.

"No, they came back after another failed attempt. Right now, they're selecting talented youths who should enter the special training program open to all races. We have plenty of resources, thanks to the old dwarf who left behind a bag filled with countless treasures. We've also harvested the earth layer that Kyle found in the dark forest. It's better to use them in the right place... After all, who knows how long we can keep fighting, right?"

Bia fell silent upon hearing Kyle's name. Mia noticed her somber expression and tried to comfort her by gently rubbing the phoenix's head. However, Bia abruptly raised her head high, staring off into the distance with narrowed eyes.

Mia saw the distraction in her eyes and looked at her with concern. It had taken a lot of effort from both her and Yue to calm the phoenix, so she didn't want to see Bia in the same state again.

"What's wrong?"

Bia hesitated for a moment before finally responding.

-"Nothing... it's just..."

She trailed off and swallowed her next words.

-'I just felt like someone tried to sense my presence... is it Kyle?'

Bia let out a sigh and shook her head before joining the fight with Sinon and Regius. Neon and Ray were also fighting alongside the duo.

The two brothers decided to stay near the border because it was the closest place to the castle where Kyle was sleeping.

Unlike them, Baron Ohan insisted on staying with his son after seeing Kyle's condition. However, after only a month, the old man fainted due to stress, so they had to persuade him to stay in a safe place.


Bia's senses didn't fail her, Kyle did try to sense her. He stood beside the countless glimmering ice statues that turned into particles and drifted off in the air.

Kyle gazed at the chained humans who were trembling in a corner. Maybe it was due to the cold or maybe it was because of what they had just witnessed. He sighed, and blue flames crawled up the chains around the humans. The three females and two males were startled, but the flames didn't harm them. Instead, the chains around their bodies turned into bright particles.

They blinked at each other, but when they turned around, the grey-haired human who saved them had already vanished into thin air. The humans all came together and hurriedly headed towards the royal castle, the one that was announced to be the safest spot in the ruined Kingdom. Moreover, right now, the castle was the only place with a teleportation array, so they could only escape this dangerous area through the castle.

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