Becoming Immortal Through Getting Married

Chapter 376 - 376: NingXian'er's Attributes (2/2)

Chapter 376: NingXian’er’s Attributes (2/2)

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Chen An ruthlessly removed Ning Xian’er’s hand and pretended to be cold towards her. “Forget it. You ignored me when I spoke to you. If I wanted to touch you, you probably wouldn’t let me. If I don’t leave, why should 1 stay?”

“It’s not like that. 1 didn’t.11

Ning Xian’er was a little anxious. She was really afraid that Chen An would leave just like that.

Chen An was still indifferent. He even imitated Wen Zhiyun’s usual unreasonable tone word for word.

“If that’s not the case, then what is?”

“I-Tm just a little willful…”

Ning Xian’er felt very aggrieved. This time, she really compromised and did not dare to throw a tantrum with Chen An again.

Chen An s expression softened a little. He sat back on the bed and said,

“Then why did you call me here?”

“M-make babies.”

Ning Xian’er’s pretty face flushed red. She suppressed her shame and said softly.

This was the most shameful thing she had ever said in her life.

The previous voice transmission did not count.

That was because she didn’t say it in person. Moreover, she was extremely emotional at that time and wasn’t calm.

And now, she was incomparably calm. It was a sign of compromise and obedience from the bottom of her heart.

Chen An continued to portray the personality of his arrogant concubine, Wen Zhiyun. He refused to give up.

“What baby?”

“For whom? Hmm?”

“Holy Maiden, 1 don’t quite understand.”

Chen An’s words pierced Ning Xian’er’s shame.

Ning Xian’er’s pretty face was burning red. Her sense of shame had almost reached its limit.

The words she wanted to say were clearly at the tip of her tongue, but she could not say them no matter what.

Saying “make babies” out loud just now had already exhausted all her courage.

Chen An waited for a moment.

Seeing that Ning Xian’er still didn’t say anything, he decisively stood up and left. Fie didn’t spoil her at all. He wanted to force her to take the initiative.

Seeing this, Ning Xian’er panicked and hurriedly grabbed his hand to prevent him from leaving. She lowered her head unwillingly and closed her beautiful eyes. She gritted her teeth and said shamefully:

“No, don’t go!”

“Don’t go, okay?”

“Chen An, I want to make your babies. I want to give birth to your child!”

These words were exhausting her sense of shame.

Chen An was very satisfied with what he heard and sat back by the bed.

He stretched out his index finger and pressed it against Ning Xian’er’s chin. He raised her exquisite and pure face and looked at her.

“You’re not one of my wives. Why are you giving birth to my child?”

“I’m willing to be your wife and give birth to your children…”

Ning Xian’er closed her eyes tightly the entire time. The deep shame in her heart made her unable to open her eyes.

Chen An stroked her face and said,

“But Holy Maiden, I already have a wife. Fler name is Song Huaying. She gave birth to a cute daughter for me called Chen Yuejian. I love them very much.”

“Then marry another…”

“How? There can only be one wife. Are you asking me to divorce her and marry you?”

When Ning Xian’er heard this, she fell silent for a moment. After hesitating for a moment, she finally threw away all her dignity and shame. Her voice was almost inaudible as she said, “I’m willing to be your concubine…”

The moment she said this, she felt that she was too ashamed to be human. She would never be able to raise her head in front of Chen An in the future.

She recalled the scene she saw in the photographic stone that day. Xiao Qingyue was incomparably despicable in front of Chen An. Xiao Qingyue did whatever Chen An asked her to do. She had no dignity at all.

It was hard for her to imagine how lowly she would be after becoming Chen An’s concubine.

She did not want to be Chen An’s concubine.

However, she did not want to see Xiao Qingyue and Chen An showing off their love from an outsider’s perspective. She would feel that her things had been snatched away by Xiao Qingyue and feel that she had suffered a huge loss.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that he was at a disadvantage. As a result, she compromised and allowed Chen An to control her.

Seeing that the Floly Maiden had already said so much, Chen An did not push his luck and ask further. Instead, he placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her onto the bed, skillfully pressing her under him.

At this moment, Ning Xian’er could clearly hear her own heartbeat.

Faster and faster.

It was getting heavier.

It was as if a deer was bumping around inside , jumping with a bang.

At the same time, her fair and pretty face was also tainted with traces of red. It was so hot that she felt traces of heat coming out. Her entire body had already softened, turning into a little cabbage waiting to be nuzzled.

Looking at the shy Holy Maiden below him, Chen An could not hold it in anymore. He immediately interlocked his fingers with hers and pressed her down. He lowered his head and kept kissing her.

Ning Xian’er was still not used to it at first. She was so nervous that her jade-like feet were clenched and curled up. Her round toes were curled and pressed together, making her look even more petite and charming.

However, after a few kisses, she became less nervous and gradually got drunk in the moment.

She began to respond to Chen An consciously, her movements unfamiliar.

Seeing that the atmosphere was about right, Chen An placed his hand on Ning Xian’er’s waist and pulled out the belt on it, wanting to break through the last layer of relationship with her.

However, as soon as the belt was pulled out, Ning Xian’er grabbed his hand and refused to let it go down.

“What happened?”

Chen An frowned slightly. He was unhappy that his actions were stopped.

Ning Xian’er opened her beautiful eyes shyly. Fler eyes were filled with spring water as she said weakly, “Chen An, I’m very nervous now. Can you give me a full-body massage to relax first…”

“What if you don’t keep to your word after the massage?’’

“I won’t.”

“A woman s words are lies. I don’t believe you.”


Ning Xian’er’s voice was soft and soft, making one feel pity for her.

Chen An felt his heart melt. He could not help but lower his head and kiss her. He smiled and said, “Then Dll believe you this once. I’ll give you a full-body massage first.”

“Don’t call me Holy Maiden…”

“Then what do you call it?”

“Call me Xian’er…”

There was a hint of coquettishness in Ning Xian’er’s voice. She was like a little girl at home, making Chen An unable to reject her.

Chen An patted Ning Xian’er gently and said, “Good Xian’er, get up and take off your clothes so that you won’t affect the experience through your clothes. Then, lie on the bed obediently. 1’11 give you a full-body massage.”


Ning Xian’er responded in a barely audible voice. She quickly sat up and took off her clothes. As Chen An had said, she lay on the bed naked.

Chen An did not just watch and not do anything. Fie immediately massaged her.

He started from the bottom of her feet and pressed upwards, all the way to the top temple, making her entire body and mind completely relaxed.

“Have you relaxed?”

Chen An removed his hand from Ning Xian’er’s temple and asked gently.

Ning Xian’er hugged the embroidered pillow with both hands and buried her blushing face in it. Her voice was almost inaudible as she said, “Yes, I’m relaxed.”

“Then turn your body over and give me your most precious.”

Chen An said calmly and naturally.

Ning Xian’er mentally prepared herself. Then, she covered her red and hot face with her hand and turned her graceful body over, allowing the experienced Chen An to take advantage of her.

In the blink of an eye.

It was the next morning.

With a satisfied expression, Chen An hugged Ning Xian’er, whose face was still stained with tears. His gaze landed on the notifications in front of him.

[Formation Experience +1] X29

[Name: Chen An |

[Formation Technique: Advanced Level 2 – 29% ]

[ Name: Ning Xian’erj

[Cultivation: Nascent Soul Level 6]

[Attribute: Beautiful and otherworldly, daring to love and hate I

I Relationship: 0 stars (Unranked) I

“I didn’t expect that the Holy Maiden’s specialty would be Array Formations.”

Chen An looked at the notification in front of him and could not help but feel surprised..

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