Be a Good Boy and Marry Me

Chapter 89 - 89: Have to Sneak around Just to Meetl

Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Have to Sneak around Just to Meetl

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Seeing Gu Yuan and his entourage marching towards the teaching building, Lu Yang began sweating cold, anxious beads.

He dialed Mo Shiting’s number again and luckily, this time, the call connected.

“Young Master, it’s bad. Gu Yuan and his men have entered the teaching building. Are you inside?”

“Yes. Be careful.”

After speaking in a deep voice, Mo Shiting hung up the phone straight away.

“Brother Ting, what’s happening?”

Gu Li, sitting on his lap, asked with a worried expression.

Mo Shiting patted her head and casually said, “Your father is here.”


Upon hearing that Gu Yuan had arrived, Gu Li jumped up in fright, “You should leave, now!”

Compared to her panic, Mo Shiting seemed extraordinarily calm, even reassuring her, “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“How could it be fine?”

Gu Li became even more agitated, “My father has always considered the Gu family’s defense impenetrable. But you, silently appearing here, isn’t that a slap in his face? He values his reputation so much; he will definitely hold a grudge against you. And he will also severely punish the bodyguards who have been guarding here diligently. Brother Ting, you should leave.”

Mo Shiting:

Turns out, her long talk was because she was worried about her family’s bodyguards being implicated by him?

“Brother Ting, hurry, it will be too late if you don’t leave now.”

Gu Li, unaware of the bitterness in someone’s heart, was pulling at his hand as she spoke. Her urgency was such that she wouldn’t mind if he simply disappeared on the spot.

Mo Shiting reminded her with a hint of frustration: “There’s only one way out of here.”

Gu Li made a sad face: “Then what do we do? How about hiding in the bathroom for a while?”

Thank goodness there was a bathroom to hide in, otherwise the situation could be unimaginable.


Mo Shiting agreed with a nod.

Even though he’s not afraid of facing Gu Yuan, he couldn’t bear to see her so conflicted and thus chose to give in.

But it was rather stifling for two lawfully wedded individuals to have to sneak around just to meet each other.

Just after Mo Shiting had hidden away, there came a knock on the door.

Gu Li quickly lay back down on the tatami mats and pretended to be asleep.

In no time, the door was pushed open, and Gu Yuan walked in.

Seeing the light still on and her apparently deep in sleep, he instinctively tread lightly to avoid disturbing her.

He arrived at the tatami, bent down to tuck her in, then stood still on the spot with his hands behind his back.

Not hearing the sound of his departure, Gu Li was so tense that she dared not even breathe.

How come he hasn’t left yet?

If he doesn’t leave soon, she’ll suffocate.

“Get up, I know you’re not asleep.”

Gu Yuan suddenly spoke, startling Gu Li.

Darn it, she had acted so well, how did it get exposed?

“Gu Li!!!”

Gu Li had no choice but to open her eyes and sit up. With resentment, she asked him, “It’s so late, are you here because you’ve had a change of heart and want to set me free?”

Gu Yuan did not answer her question, but rather walked towards the desk and absentmindedly picked up an A4 size paper that was laid open on the desk.

Upon seeing the paper Mo Shiting had written on, Gu Li’s heart began to race with fear of being discovered.

After a moment, Gu Yuan put the paper down, his keen hawk-like eyes squinting as he glanced around, then moved towards the bathroom.

Gu Li, with wide eyes, immediately sprinted over.

Gu Yuan stared at her coldly, “You’re so nervous, done something guilty?”

Gu Li hurriedly denied, “What do you mean? I’ve been here all along, how could I have done anything wrong?”

Worried about arousing his suspicions, she brazenly asked, “And what about you, running over here in the middle of the night, all secretive, has our house been robbed?”

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