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Chapter 1059 - 1059: 1059 Shooting Down the White Spirit Dragon

Chapter 1059 - 1059: 1059 Shooting Down the White Spirit Dragon

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Chapter 1059 Shooting Down the White Spirit Dragon

Lu Yu’s speed was extremely fast, and he quickly caught up with the White Spirit Dragon.

The White Spirit Dragon turned around and saw Lu Yu following closely behind. It was instantly enraged and spat out a huge green ball of venom at Lu Yu, sticky like a ball of slime.

Seeing this, Lu Yu immediately swung out his Explosive Dragon Claw. His claw attacks lashed out and instantly broke through the ball of venom in front of him!


The slimy venom broke into four pieces and fell to the side.

Seeing this, the White Spirit Dragon seemed to realize that Lu Yu was a difficult enemy. It turned around and faced Lu Yu directly, determined to start a confrontation.

Suddenly, the scales on its body stood up like a wild cat’s fur!

Its flawless white scales began to emit a dazzling white glow.

The light began to gather under the control of the White Spirit Dragon. Gradually, a huge ball of light formed in its mouth.

Before Lu Yu even got close, he could feel the terrifying power contained in the ball of light.

Seeing this, Lu Yu braced himself cautiously.

This was definitely the White Spirit Dragon’s final killing move.

Although it could release all kinds of elemental attacks and even some special functional skills, those skills were too weak and useless against Lu Yu.

For example, the ball of venom shot out earlier was no different from a high-pressure water gun to Lu Yu.

It was slow, and the damage was probably not too high.

Lu Yu transformed his claws into Dark Dragon Claws. The dark and light attributes were at opposite ends. Although the White Spirit Dragon’s final killing move was of the light attribute, it was not considered a light attribute dragon—it only contained very weak light elements in its body. Such a ball of light would definitely have a meager damage bonus.

The ball of light shot toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu raised his claws, and a black mist dispersed, enveloping the light ball.

The black mist instantly enveloped the ball of light, and the ball of light gradually dimmed.

At this moment, the White Spirit Dragon lost its anger. It looked at Lu Yu and let out a sharp hiss!

It seemed to have sensed it was no match for Lu Yu, even after using its strongest killing move. There was no chance of winning the battle between it and Lu Yu.

Lu Yu rushed toward the dragon as his claws changed—the edges of his claws became sharper. His scales changed color and turned into large, crimson scales.

As Lu Yu approached the White Spirit Dragon, he did not expect it to flap its wings and slowly land.

The dragon’s huge body fell and crushed a large number of trees and plants.

After it landed on the ground, it looked up at Lu Yu with a complicated expression. It did not look like he was submitting to Lu Yu, but he was admitting defeat briefly.

Lu Yu also landed and came before it.

“After knowing that your strength is inferior to mine, you gave up so quickly?”

Lu Yu walked toward it.

At this moment, the Nightmare Dragon’s voice sounded in Lu Yu’s ears.

“Master, this dragon did not submit to you. It merely admitted defeat and did not wish to continue fighting. If you want it to be submitted to you completely, I’m afraid it will be difficult.

“What should I do? Beat it up again? It has already surrendered, but not entirely. What can I do about it?”

Lu Yu shrugged helplessly.

“This White Spirit Dragon is extremely intelligent, even knowing how to read people’s expressions and act according to the situation. It has only determined that it is no match for you, which is why it chose to surrender. I don’t sense any intention of submission from this dragon. If he is given a chance, he will definitely bite you.”

The Nightmare Dragon said it decisively and without any hesitation.

Lu Yu looked at the White Spirit Dragon, knowing that this dragon really had no intention of submitting.

Although it had landed on the ground, it still raised its head and had no intention of lowering it.

Dragons that submitted to Lu Yu would usually make a submissive gesture, such as lowering their heads and placing them in front of Lu Yu’s feet.

However, the White Spirit Dragon clearly did not do this. It was still arrogant, as if it hadn’t surrendered.

“Unfortunately, I can’t communicate with it now. Although its intelligence is high, it can’t speak human language. In this aspect, it is different from the Death Spirit Dragon.”

“There’s no other way. We can only slowly submit it in the future. At least we’ve caught it now.”

The Nightmare Dragon suddenly suggested, “Master, I can understand what it is trying to convey. Tell me what you want to say to him. I’ll help you pass it on to him.”

Lu Yu was enlightened. “You have the potential to be a translator. However, if you want to convey a message to it, do you have to connect to its spiritual senses?”

“That’s right. As a Nightmare Dragon, my mental strength is my forte. I can completely connect to its mind and transmit information to it.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly. “That’s not bad. Help me pass on the message now. I want it to become one of my battle pets. I’m strong, stronger than most people in the Ten Thousand Dragon Country. If it agrees, then we can work together happily. If it doesn’t agree, I’ll think of a way to get it to agree.” “Master, speak slowly. I can’t remember all that in one go.” Lu Yu sighed helplessly. “Do you want me to repeat myself?”

“There’s no need for that. I’ve already sent him your message.”

After a moment of silence, the Nightmare Dragon appeared in Lu Yu’s mind again.

“Master, it replied that you don’t have the potential to tame him. There are many strong cultivators, but it’s not a dragon that will submit to a strong enemy. Only a weak dragon without a backbone will choose to submit after being beaten down.”

“Master, I think it’s mocking me,” the Nightmare Dragon complained.

Lu Yu smiled. “Don’t overthink about it. Continue to tell it that I only have one purpose for capturing him, and that is to tame it. If it refuses, it will die.”

“No problem. I will relay this over.”

Soon, the Nightmare Dragon’s reply came. “It just snorted in disdain and didn’t reply.”

Lu Yu sighed. “Alright, let’s take it slow. I don’t think we should force it with

violence. Let’s slowly influence it tor now. Don’t blame me tor being torcetul it it still doesn’t work out.”

Hu Zhan and the others arrived on their flying dragons soon after.

After landing, they put away their battle pets.

Hu Zhan quickly walked over. He was instantly overjoyed when he saw the White Spirit Dragon lying on the ground!

“That’s great, Lu Yu! You did it! Since you caught it, then the rest will be simple. We’ll hand it over, and our quest will be completed.. At that time, it won’t be a problem for you to join the hunting team!”

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