Atticus's Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground

Chapter 407 Overdramatic

Chapter 407 Overdramatic

Atticus stared at Zoey's teleportation room door, his eyes wide open.

So that was why she had been angry? When he hadn't replied to her when she spoke to him in class because he had been pissed.

It took a few seconds as Atticus just stood in place, not saying anything. Then suddenly, he chuckled while shaking his head in disbelief.

"I've heard that women were overdramatic creatures. Looks like they weren't kidding," with a few more chuckles, Atticus turned towards his own teleportation room and entered, and in the next second, he found himself in his division.

Although it was a few minutes to 7 and the curfew for the academy campus was fast approaching, the same rule didn't apply to the instructors of the academy.

Neither of them had a division to manage and thus were allowed to visit and leave the campus whenever they wanted.

The forms of many of the instructors were still high up in the air, whispers filling the space. In truth, all of the first year instructors hadn't been completely surprised about this outcome.

It had been completely expected. As soon as they heard that it had been Atticus involved, they had all pitied the one who gained his ire.

What most of them were discussing was the power he had used.The Ravensteins were known as the elementalist of the human domain for a reason.

And this was because their battle strength was heavily dependent on the elements.The battle had ended in an instant, and Atticus clearly hadn't used his element to do it.

The first year instructors hadn't watched the battle of Atticus with the shadow Seraphon, and this was the first time they were witnessing this power. The ones who were the most shocked about everything that happened had, in turn, been the second year and third year instructors.

Apart from the videos they had watched with Atticus burning the third years, this was the first time they would truly see Atticus in action. They hadn't been allowed to visit the first year control room and thus hadn't been allowed to watch Atticus's division battles.

And since the other instructors weren't allowed to speak about Atticus, they hadn't heard anything about his true prowess.

"Since when did the Ravensteins birth this monster?" The surprised exclamation of one of the second year instructors suddenly sounded.

Although the instructor had basically screamed, in truth, none of the other instructors could blame him. The event that had just occurred had been that shocking.

Jared's form floated towards an instructor who was suspended in the air quietly on one side.

"Smith, why are you so quiet?" Jared spoke as he got to him. These days it hadn't gone unnoticed that Jared had been speaking in a normal manner.

And this always seemed to happen anytime the matter involved a particular white haired boy.

Clearly, he knew when to joke around and when not to.

Smith turned to face Jared and smiled slightly before responding, "Nothing, I'm just thinking about a few things." Smith was none other than the second year instructor who had been taking the class before Atticus had disrupted the whole thing.

"I'm curious, why didn't you intervene?" Jared suddenly asked. Although the instructors weren't allowed to interfere in matters relating to the students, there were certain cases where they were authorized to break this rule.

If the students' actions were to disrupt the proceedings of the class, the instructor taking the class could choose to intervene and stop them. But he hadn't done that.

Smith smiled, "Isn't it obvious? I was curious. A first year had dared to barge into the second year building and immediately attacked one of their rankers. As I saw that it was none other than the same first year who had burned those third years, I wanted to see what he would do."

Jared smirked, "That brat is filled with surprises, isn't he?"

Smith nodded. "Which is why I can't help but be baffled. Why is he still being treated like a normal student? He is the most talented that has ever appeared in the human domain. He's a talent we should focus all our efforts on."

"You would have to ask our honorable vice principal about that."

Smith turned to look at Jared before nodding in understanding, "I see."

He hadn't been too surprised. There was no instructor who didn't know Harrison's behavior.

Once he made up his mind, there was no turning back.

Unlike Jared and Smith, the rest of the instructors were far from calm. Each one of them gathered around Isabella, bombarding her with questions.

She was Harrison's daughter and thus would have first hand information. Each of them was far too shocked about Atticus that they forgot about the academy's mana contract.

Isabella couldn't even talk about Atticus even if she wanted to.

Inside the comfort of a large mansion, a youth was seated at one end of a long dining table. The room was filled with luxury, and the table was filled with all sorts of assorted meals.

Seated on the sides of the table were the brutalized forms of different youths. Each one of them currently had their hands nailed to the table, each one of their forms battered.

This youth had a pair of iridescent eyes and hair that seemed to rapidly switch between different spectrums of colors, all the features of the Nebulon family.

The brutalized youths seated on the table also shared the same features as him. Just beside this youth was the familiar and battered form of Jordinand, who Atticus had previously enslaved.

The youth seated at the head of the table was none other than Zephyr Nebulon, and the current battered youths were the Nebulon youths the Ravensteins had enslaved and instructed to attack Zephyr back at their division.

And considering the current situation of things, it was clear that the attack hadn't been successful.

Although they were all currently brutalized, none of them seemed to make any sound, as though they dared not to.

Their eyes were unfocused, and their forms trembled on their seats.They were all in an Illusion, a terrible one at that.

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