As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store

Chapter 391 - 391: A Parting Gift

Chapter 391: A Parting Gift

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As night fell, although the scorching heat of the day had subsided, the lingering warmth in the air was still palpable.

“Boss, when is your friend coming? I think this frog should be ready to eat!” Lin Wu looked at the boiling red soup in the pot, and his throat choked with anticipation.

“He said he’s almost here, should be any moment now,” replied Zhou Chao, glancing towards the restaurant’s entrance.

Zhou Chao and Lin Wu were currently at a restaurant specializing in bullfrog and spicy snacks. They had rested at home until it was dark before leaving.

Zhou Chao also took the opportunity to call Lei Mingtang and invited him to join them for a meal.

Sure enough, in less than three minutes, Lei Mingtang walked in, accompanied by Zhou Qian.

“Brother Chao!” Zhou Qian warmly greeted.

“Long time no see. I didn’t expect you to become such a sharpshooter in just a few months!” Zhou Chao couldn’t help but glance at Zhou Qian’s protruding belly and then at Lei Mingtang, who was grinning foolishly.

“It’s going three months.”

“Take a seat, don’t stand there. I didn’t know you were pregnant, and I’m not sure if you can handle this spicy food.”

It’s alright, I can have a little, in moderation,” Zhou Qian smiled, indicating that she could handle some spiciness.

Zhou Chao nodded and signaled for everyone to start eating.

The four of them began to eat, and Lin Wu, who had been hungry for half a day, dug in eagerly, prompting Zhou Chao to shake his head.

“Brother Chao, are you planning to return to Modu?” Lei Mingtang wiped the sweat from his face with a tissue and asked Zhou Chao.

“Yeah, I was planning to return in a couple of days, but there are some things 1 need to take care of myself,”

“Perhaps when you visit next time, you’ll have the chance to meet my newborn,” Lei Mingtang mentioned, looking lovingly at Zhou Qian.

“Can you two focus on eating? Stop displaying affection here. If you don’t eat enough now, we won’t leave you any food,” Zhou Chao retorted teasingly.

“Brother Chao, you should pick up the pace too. You’ve been with your wife for so long, and there’s been no news!”

“Eat your food. Is this bowl too small to shut your mouth?” Zhou Qian rolled her eyes at him.

Lei Mingtang chuckled, not entirely sure what they were talking about.

They continued eating until it was nearly 10 o’clock.

“Brother Chao, we should head back now,” Lei Mingtang said as he stumbled a bit upon leaving the restaurant.

Mainly, it was because Zhou Chao and Lin Wu had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol during the meal, and Lei Mingtang had become the designated driver. The dinner ended with everyone feeling a bit intoxicated.

“All right, drive safely,” Zhou Chao said to Lei Mingtang as he sat in the passenger seat, then turned to Zhou Qian.

“Don’t worry, Brother Chao. You should go back and rest early!”

Zhou Chao nodded and walked with Lin Wu towards the entrance of the residential area.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll be there in the afternoon, and we’ll talk more then,” Zhou Chao said as he lay on the sofa, ending the phone call.

After Zhou Chao hung up, Lin Wu asked, “Boss, who was that on the phone from Peng City?”

“Well, how did you know?”

“Last night, Lao Zhou called me. It was quite late, so 1 didn’t want to disturb your rest.”

“Now that you know what’s going on, go ahead and make the arrangements. We’ll be leaving soon.”

“Sure, Boss!” Lin Wu got up and went to the balcony to make a call to Dole.

Meanwhile, Zhou Chao sat on the sofa and thought for a moment. He decided to call Third Aunt to inform her about his departure so that she wouldn’t think he left without saying goodbye.

He took out his phone and called her.

It rang several times before Third Aunt answered.

“Hello, Xiao Chao, is there something you need? The little store was a bit busy just now,” Third Aunt said on the phone while handling transactions.

“Third Aunt, I just wanted to let you know that I have some things to take care of, and I’ll be leaving today.”

After Zhou Chao finished speaking, there was a moment of silence on the other end of the line. After a few seconds, Third Aunt replied, “Hmm, don’t overwork yourself, and make sure to rest when your work is done.”

“Don’t worry, Third Aunt!”

“Hmm, I’ll hang up now. I’m a bit busy.”

Hearing her voice turn somewhat somber, Zhou Chao softly acknowledged, and Third Aunt hung up the phone.

Seeing Zhou Chao finish the call, Lin Wu walked over to him and said, “Dole has everything arranged.”

“You go ahead to the garage and wait for me. I need to grab something!”

Lin Wu nodded and headed out. Meanwhile, Zhou Chao searched the room for a moment, finding two presentable large handbags. From the system’s storage, he retrieved 6 pounds of yellow lip fish glue, 1 pound of saffron, and two Iberian hams, placing them separately in the two handbags.

With the bags in hand, he went back to the car, placing the items on the back seat. Zhou Chao then took the passenger seat.

“Let’s make a quick stop at Lei Mingtang’s studio and then head to the Golden

Coast’s garage.”

Lin Wu nodded and started the car.

When they arrived at Lei Mingtang’s studio, Zhou Chao took out his phone and called him.

“Brother Chao, is there something you need?”

I’m on Zhongshan Road behind your studio, near Tibu. Come over for a moment.”

“Alright, I’ll be right there!”

Shortly after parking, Lei Mingtang eagerly rushed over to Zhou Chao.

“Brother, is there something you need?”

Zhou Chao reached into the backseat and handed him a bag.

“Inside this bag, there’s yellow lip fish collagen, saffron, and an Iberian ham. The fish collagen and saffron are for your wife’s health, and the ham, you can keep it for yourself. Got it?”

Lei Mingtang nodded after a brief moment of confusion. “Alright, I understand.”

“Okay, I’ll be leaving now. I have some business to attend to at my company.”

“Sure thing, Brother Chao!”

Zhou Chao nodded, and Lin Wu immediately started the car, heading towards the Golden Coast.

Lei Mingtang stood by the roadside, watching the car disappear from view. He then returned to his studio, holding the bag Zhou Chao had given him.

As soon as he entered the studio, Qing Hang asked, “Leizi, what good stuff did your Big Bro Chao bring you?”

It’s nothing much, just some yellow lip fish collagen, saffron, and ham,” Lei Mingtang replied while displaying the bag.

“What did you say? Yellow lip fish collagen?” Qing Hang suddenly stood up.

Lei Mingtang was a bit puzzled as he said, “Yes, yellow lip fish collagen. What’s the matter? Is there a problem?”

“This is a big deal. How much of this fish collagen do you have?”

Lei Mingtang checked and replied, “It’s about three pounds or so.”

“Three pounds? Lei Zi, do you know how much this is worth? At the very least, it’s worth several million, and if used in the right place, it could be worth tens of millions!” Qing Hang exclaimed.

Lei Mingtang was somewhat surprised by the revelation but not overly shocked. He replied casually, “Oh.”


Oh? What’s with the ‘oh’? It’s worth nearly ten million, and you’re reacting so casually! Are you not amazed at all?”

“What’s the big deal? Do you not know who my Big Bro Chao is? There’s no need to be surprised!”

Lei Mingtang’s nonchalant response left Qing Hang bewildered, his mouth agape, unsure of what to say. After a while, he finally regained his composure.

“Brother Lei, does your big brother still need someone to help him?” Qing Hang asked with a big smile.

“I think he doesn’t need any more support.”

Lei Mingtang’s response crushed Qing Hang’s hopes of becoming Zhou Chao’s underling.

Meanwhile, Zhou Chao and Lin Wu had arrived at the Golden Coast’s garage. Zhou Chao handed the bag he was carrying to Guo Yan.

“These items are not for your personal consumption, especially the fish collagen and saffron. You can have a bit, but you must make sure your mom eats them too. Understand?”

“Got it, Big Bro!”

“Alright, you can go now. I’m leaving. Call me when you receive your acceptance letter!”

“Okay, Big Bro, bye!” Guo Yan said, then hurriedly ran to the elevator with the bag. It seemed like she wanted to go home to slice some ham.

After watching Guo Yan enter the elevator, Zhou Chao got into the car and said, “Let’s go!”

During the journey, neither of them exchanged many words. Zhou Chao was preoccupied with the morning call from Zhou Jilong.

“Lanling’s progress is rapid now. He has thoroughly understood the data in the second plate. This time, 1’11 just leave the rest to him. I hope we can develop the lithography system sooner.” Zhou Chao came up with a plan as he gazed out the window, dragging his thoughts along.

After more than an hour of travel, the two finally arrived at Jiangbei Airport. Their car was parked directly in the airport’s internal parking lot. They used the fast-track security passage and boarded their plane.

“Boss, would you like something to eat?” A female flight attendant greeted them as they boarded.

“Let’s arrange that after takeoff,” Zhou Chao replied after checking the time. It was almost time for their departure.

“Understood, Boss!”

After waiting in line for nearly half an hour, it was finally their plane’s turn to take off.

Following some minor turbulence, the plane smoothly ascended.

Soon, it stabilized, and the cabin crew swiftly prepared lunch for Zhou Chao and Lin Wu.

After they finished their meal and took a short break, the plane was already preparing to land at Peng City’s airport.

Upon landing, Zhou Chao and Lin Wu quickly exited the airport through the fast-track passage. Wang Feng had been waiting at the airport entrance for some time.

“Boss, should we go back to the hotel first?” Lin Wu turned to Zhou Chao and asked.

“Let’s go back to the hotel first. Lin Wu, call Zhou Jilong and ask him to come to the hotel once he’s done with his business.”

“Got it!” Lin Wu immediately dialed Zhou Jilong’s number.

Zhou Chao nodded and closed his eyes to rest. He began contemplating the development direction of Canghai from this point onwards.

After half an hour, the car smoothly stopped at the Hilton Hotel. Since the last time, Zhou Chao had arranged for a dedicated room in the hotel. Lin Wu went to the front desk to pick up the room key and then headed upstairs.

Zhou Chao sat on the sofa, took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, and tossed one to Lin Wu.

Is there any issue with Canghai Technologies recently?”

“Boss, everything is normal. Both Wang Feng and Da Wu have reported to me.”

“Hmm.” Zhou Chao nodded and started smoking while lost in his thoughts..

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