Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3390 - 3390: Arrest

Chapter 3390: Arrest

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Jin Sanyin was slightly stunned. Demons and monsters, was he talking about him?

However, Ling Han did not give him any pointers, so it was naturally impossible for him to admit it himself.

“Although Chen Fengyan is extraordinary, there is no lack of elites in the Demon Race. There is definitely someone who can fight against Chen Fengyan,” he said. He did not think highly of Chen Fengyan.

Ling Han chuckled. Previously, this old man had always been advocating the power of the Demon Race. It seemed that it had already penetrated deep into his bones, and he could not help but become servile.

“I still trust His Majesty very much. A mere Demon Race is nothing.”

Jin Sanyin stared at Ling Han. After a long while, he said, “Young friend, once you make a decision, then after you are sent into the Demon Race, it will be impossible for me to save you again.”

“I made my own decision, so I naturally won’t regret it,” Ling Han said.

“Alright, in that case, I won’t disturb you anymore!” Jin Sanyin’s figure flashed and left angrily.

As far as he was concerned, Ling Han had already fallen into a desperate situation. At this moment, as long as he extended a helping hand, Ling Han would definitely grab hold of it impatiently, and he could name any conditions he wanted.

However, Ling Han was actually so one-track-minded. He had not expected this, and was also very displeased.

He did not kill Ling Han. Firstly, the purpose of a hidden clan was to keep a low profile as much as possible. Secondly, he was still looking forward to Ling Han lowering his head. This child had outstanding attainments in both alchemy and formations, and he very much wanted to recruit him into the Jin Clan.

With a super support and that Innate Divine Physique, the Jin Clan would be able to rise up in the upcoming great era.

However, things seemed to be extremely bad now. Ling Han was unwilling to submit, and that Innate Divine Physique could not be found no matter what. Was this a warning from the heavens to the Jin Clan?

“Father, let’s kill our way out!” Eldest Baby was filled with killing intent.

“Yes, kill all of them,” Fourth Baby said.

Kill them until they bleed all over the ground,” Fifth Baby added.

“You’re a girl, so don’t kill all day long. You have to be reserved,” Ling Han said with a smile.

All the Calabash Brothers rolled their eyes at Ling Han. What was reservedness? They had never known that such a thing existed.

“Father, what do you plan to do?” Second Baby asked. She was also the most rational of the seven children, although she was extremely weak in numbers. Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “Let’s see what Yang Bai and the others decide first.”

He believed that if Chen Fengyan came out of seclusion, there was no doubt that this Holy Emperor would not hesitate to start a war.

If he did not even have this bit of dominance, how could he still be a Holy Emperor?

However, for those below Chen Fengyan, the others had a smaller mindset. Therefore, he really could not be sure what the final outcome would be. The night passed, and someone knocked on the door early in the morning. The little handmaiden went over to open the door. Immediately, three guards barged in. The person in the lead was Gu Xiangming.

“Where’s Ling Han?” Gu Xiangming asked proudly. He had been waiting for this day for a long time.

The little maid asked meekly, “Why are you looking for Young Master?” “What?” Gu Xiangming sneered. “I’m here on orders to take him away!” Huan Xue was shocked and hurriedly said, “Young Master didn’t commit any crime. Why are you arresting him?”

“Do you think it’s up to you to say whether he committed a crime or not?” Gu Xiangming sneered and waved his hand. “Hurry up and call him out. Don’t waste our precious time.”

He walked straight ahead.

Huan Xue moved to stop him, but how could she stop him? She was only at First Change, but Gu Xiangming was at Fourth Change. The difference in strength between the two was huge.

“Stop! Stop!” She hurriedly chased after him.

Clang! Clang!

The other two Imperial Guards drew their blades at the same time and stared at Huan Xue coldly. If she dared to take another step forward, they would kill her with their blades.

What a joke. Who would dare to stop the Imperial Guards when they were ordered to do something?

They could kill without mercy.

Huan Xue was anxious. How could she care? She immediately charged forward.

The two guards snorted and drew their swords.

Ding, ding, dang! The three of them immediately started fighting. Fortunately Huan Xue’s strength was not weak. She could completely hold on for a while Moreover, there were seven Calabash Brothers. They would not let anything happen to her.

Gu Xiangming walked towards the main hall with a smile on his face. Then, his smile grew wider and wider.

Ling Han’s reputation grew bigger and bigger. Not only did he obtain the first place in the Hunting Competition, but he also defeated prodigies of the Demon Race time and time again. Later on, he was even crowned with the title of Grandmaster-level alchemist and Formation Master.

With the support of such a halo, he had originally thought that it would be impossible for him to take revenge in this lifetime. In fact, he did not even dare to become enemies with Ling Han. In the future, if he encountered Ling Han, he could only avoid him.

Unexpectedly, the Demon Race had actually helped him a lot.

Now, several mighty figures had the intention of handing Ling Han over and would Ling Han still have a good life after entering the Demon Race?

Thus, he could not wait to come. He wanted to personally escort Ling Han back He believed that such pleasure would make him excited for several days.

“Hahaha, Ling Han, oh Ling Han, you’ve finally fallen into my hands.”

“Ling Han, hurry up and follow me—”

“Piss off!”

Bang! Gu Xiangming was sent flying like a cannonball.

His entire body was embedded into a wall. The momentum of his retreat was finally exhausted, but at least ten of the bones in his body were broken, making him unable to move a finger.

Gu Xiangming was both shocked and furious. This Ling Han’s strength was indeed heaven-defying. Both of them were clearly in the Blood Transformation Tier, so why was the disparity so great?

Most importantly, Ling Han actually dared to make a move?

He was the captain of the Imperial Guards. What did this status mean?

Even Grand Tutor Hong and the others did not dare to do anything to him.

Otherwise, they would be considered disrespectful to the royal family. However, Ling Han did not hold back at all. He attacked without any hesitation. “Aiya, this big idiot, doesn’t he know that Father is going to cultivate in the morning?” Eldest Baby appeared. She leaned against the wall with a smile and had no intention of helping to pull him out.

“Serves you right!” Third Baby said proudly.

“Come, let’s draw!” Second Baby waved his small hand. Other than Third Baby, the children pounced on him one after another. They dipped their brushes in ’ ink and drew on Gu Xiangming’s face.

Gu Xiangming was both embarrassed and angry. His face was being used as a canvas. How could he tolerate such humiliation?

However, he did not have the slightest bit of strength now. How could he stop them?

Soon, his face was covered with all kinds of things.

Gu Xiangming was about to go crazy. This time, he had clearly come to escort Ling Han. Why had he fallen to such a state before he could even show off his might?

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have come here.

Ling Han didn’t care at all. He cultivated with a calm heart. This half an hour of cultivation time every day was extremely important. Even the Treasured Fruits of heaven and earth lacked some special substance, and only the power of heaven and earth possessed it.

This was the foundation of cultivation. Therefore, it was fine to use the Treasured Fruits to increase one’s cultivation, but one could not neglect the most basic cultivation. This was the foundation.

Half an hour later, Ling Han finished his work.

Now, he was also under a lot of pressure. With the threat of the Demon Race, it was very likely that he would have to escape. Naturally, he needed powerful ’ strength.

“Gu Xiangming, you’re really wretched!”

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