Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 22: Trouble From Within The Clan

Chapter 22: Trouble From Within The Clan

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Liu Yu Tong had once believed that she had to be nineteen or even twenty years old before she could break through to Gushing Spring Tier.

This was already quite fast. In the whole history of Rain Country, there were very, very few that could compare with her. But now, she had a very high chance of breaching this gap at the age of eighteen!

Even though it was only the difference of two years, just how old was she? It would be shocking enough for a cultivator of her age to speed up his or her breakthrough by a few months, but she had sped up her breakthrough by two whole years!

This was all because of Ling Han.

However, when you compare this kind of progression rate with Ling Han’s own, then it really was nothing worth mentioning.

From the second layer to the fourth layer of Body Refining Tier, he spent one night. From the fourth layer to the fifth layer of Body Refining Tier, one night. From the fifth layer to the sixth layer of Body Refining Tier, two nights.

When others talk about cultivating, they’d be talking about months or even years spent cultivating. But for Ling Han, his cultivation rate was counted in days–he was such a freak.

Ling Han only laughed and said, “This cultivation speed can’t really be considered fast. There are some demonic beasts that are already Element Gathering Tier at birth, some are even Gushing Spring Tier. These creatures are an existence that have been blessed by the heavens.”

“Are there really such demonic beasts?” Liu Yu Tong’s beautiful eyes widened. There were actually demonic beasts that were even stronger at birth than she was now?

“Of course!” Ling Han nodded. He paused, then continued, “I have seen historical records depicting that some demonic beasts, which are already extinct, were even at Heaven Tier at birth. They were born invincible.”

Liu Yu Tong did not believe him. She asked, “Since they were already in Heaven Tier at birth, then why would they become extinct?”

“The world has its own rules. Who would be able to fight against time?” Ling Han shook his head. In his last life, it was because he did not want to just die and rot that he had resolutely stepped onto a dangerous path, seeking a way to break through to Shattering Void Tier. “There are too many mysteries on this land that can easily erase even those in Heaven Tier.”

In his previous life, when he had been a powerful existence of Heaven Tier, there were many places that he dared not venture to, fearing that he could fall from the sky at every turn there.


After two days of hard cultivation, Ling Han exerted more effort to complete accumulating in the fifth layer of Body Refining Tier. He then easily reached the sixth layer of Body Refining Tier.

Because he had already walked this familiar path in his last life, the comprehension of his cultivation was a problem that he needed not think about.

“However, from the sixth layer to the seventh layer of Body Refining Tier, this is a tiny, little leap. Three days won’t be enough, I’d need four days, or maybe even five days’ time,” Ling Han gave a sigh. He’d just have to continue working hard at cultivation for another four or five days.

Beside him, Liu Yu Tong, who had been listening to Ling Han’s resentful complaints, experienced a sudden impulse to go crazy.

‘This freak!’

One day later, Ling Han had reached the early period of the sixth layer of Body Refining Tier. On the second day, he had already reached the middle period. On the third day, he was in the late period. On the fourth day, he had achieved the peak of the sixth layer of Body Refining Tier.

He did not drag it into the fifth day. Ling Han began to break through and, less than an hour later, he had stepped into the seventh layer of Body Refining Tier.

A sixteen-year-old with the cultivation of seventh layer of Body Refining Tier… in Rain Country, such a cultivator would be considered “acceptable”. Moreover, if anyone was told that Ling Han had been in the second layer of Body Refining Tier and spent eight days to break through to the seventh layer of Body Refining Tier, they would definitely not believe it.

Thus, even Liu Yu Tong, who had observed the whole process, was absent-minded, her expression distant. When she walked, her movements made it look like she was floating on air.

She had truly been shocked.

“I can finally go out,” Ling Han stretched. Now that he had a youthful body, his mentality too became youthful. After being confined to his chamber for seven days, he felt as if he was a fierce tiger that had been imprisoned.

“Let’s go see Father, the Cheng Clan should have acted by now,” he murmured.

It was quite coincidental. Although Ling Dong Xing had been so busy that he was nowhere to be found these few days, today he happened to be sitting in his study. However, his mood appeared to be very bad, his brows wrinkled in a deep frown.

“Father, I guess the Cheng Clan has made their move?” Ling Han asked directly.

Ling Dong Xing did not raise his head to look at him. He only gave a nod, continuing to write something on a piece of paper.

“Is the situation very bad?” Ling Han asked.

Ling Dong Xing heaved a sigh before finally putting his pen down and saying, “It’s very bad! Though our Ling Clan has numerous properties, there are only two that are most profitable to the clan. One is the mine, the other is the medicine shop.”

Ling Han knew that the Ling Clan owned a copper mine. The ownership of this mine fell into the hands of the Ling Clan only thirty years ago–the Ling Clan had paid an extremely heavy price to obtain this mine as many powerful warriors of the clan had died in the process.

As for the medicine shop, it would purchase lower grade medicinal pills from Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion and resell them to customers at a price a little higher than the original price. Although this was only a simple purchase-and-resale trade, because there was an enormous market for medicinal pills, this was a major source of income for the clan. The actual profit from selling each pill might have been small, but the number of transactions more than made up for it

The weakness of the medicine shop was that it completely relied on the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion. However, because the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion wanted to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the locally influential parties, the two Great Clans of the town could each obtain some pills to sell.

“Five days ago, our mine had been attacked by an unknown party, leading to quite a few casualties. Now everyone is in a state of anxiety. Even though we increased wages, there are not many who are willing to enter the mine.”

Ling Dong Xing continued to say, “Furthermore, Alchemist Ma from the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion had suddenly started making things difficult for us. He said that the batch of medicinal pills sent from Headquarters this time has been delayed on the road for some reason and the delivery will be late. Now, our stock of pills in the warehouse is close to being completely sold out. If the situation continues and we still aren’t able to restock, then the medicine shop can only be temporarily closed.”

Once the medicine shop closed its doors, the shop’s reputation would definitely be affected. Even if it once again opened its doors to do business in the future, some customers would definitely be lost.

“These two days, our finances are already a bit tight. We must figure out something as quick as possible,” Ling Dong Xing sighed.

Although the Ling Clan was a large existence with various properties, their expenses were also very large. There was a saying, the poor practice cultural arts while the rich practice martial arts. Cultivation was an extremely expensive endeavor. And now, the two key businesses of the Ling Clan were hit at the same time, thus the clan funds immediately became tight. If things went on like this, there would be big trouble. In fact, they may even be forced to sell off some of their less important businesses.

“It’s done by the Cheng Clan!” Ling Han said immediately, very certain.

Ling Dong Xing nodded. Their two greatest businesses encountered difficulties at the same time, there could never be such a huge coincidence in this world. He tapped his finger once on the table, and said, “There’s also a traitor.”

Ling Han’s eyes became cold, and he said, “Ling Zhong Kuan?”

“That’s right!” He did not plan to conceal anything from his own son. He scoffed, “Once something happened to the mine, I immediately increased the numbers of the patrolling party, yet they didn’t even spot the enemy. Unless someone had leaked the patrolling routes beforehand, how could this be possible?”

It was likely that once Ling Zhong Kuan heard that Cheng Xiang and his brother had both been thrashed, he had secretly met with Cheng Wen Kun and reached some kind agreement with the latter–most likely it was to have Cheng Clan aid him in snatching the position of Clan Head. Though only he himself knew what kind of humiliating terms he’d agreed to in exchange for their assistance.

“I’ve made a lunch appointment with Alchemist Ma of the Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion. I ‘d definitely have to give him some benefits. Otherwise, the clan would really be in a big trouble,” Ling Dong Xing continued to say.

Alchemist Ma…. Ma Da Jun?

Ling Han could not help the strange expression on his face, as he said, “I’ll accompany you, Father.”

“Your duty now is to concentrate on cultivation, unless you reach the seventh layer of Body- pu!” Ling Dong Xing finally raised his head to look directly at Ling Han. This one look caused him to choke, his expression slack.

Had Liu Yu Tong seen his reaction, she would definitely feel very comforted. She couldn’t very well be the only person to be shocked by Ling Han’s cultivation speed, right?

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