A Journey That Changed The World.

Chapter 672 My Snake Slave (R18)

The following morning, Archer woke up covered in limbs and hair, causing him to chuckle before casting Blink to get out of the tangle. Once free, he walked to the bath chambers to take a bath.

As he entered, steam enveloped his face, but he submerged himself in the warmth of the water, letting it embrace him. Archer spent an hour there before getting dressed; while doing that, he remembered the papers Ophelia gave them and decided to ask what groups they were all in.

He sat at the table and pulled out some paper before he started writing down how he wanted the legions organized and what type of support staff he wanted to hire. He focused on his memories of Earth and the Roman Army.

Archer loved everything related to Rome but decided to recreate it on Thrylos as his foundation. He ordered the generals to construct forts all over Draconia, using them to protect the land while training new soldiers.

Additionally, he wanted to establish the legions as soon as possible to protect the kingdom's walls and take on the pirate strongholds. Half an hour passed as he wrote down strategies, tactics, and training methods.

He offered unit suggestions such as spearmen, sword mages, berserkers, and heavy and light infantry alongside cavalry, skirmishers, and scouts. Archer emphasized that competent commanders must train them all, and when they are all organized and coordinated, they will take the pirate strongholds.

Archer then organized the kingdom by pulling a map Aisha had given him. The dragonkin woman built four wooden towns, but he wanted cities, towns, and villages. So, he decided to visit Mohamet and use the army to construct infrastructure that the kingdom could use.

When he wrote all that, he couldn't be bothered to write anymore, so he jumped up and was going to open a Gate to his kingdom, but Llyniel, Halime, and Teuila walked into the living room. When the three girls saw him, they smiled before greeting him with a kiss.

Teuila sat beside him with a smile as she questioned, ''Where are you off to so early? Do you know what group we are in?''

He shook his head, ''No. I was going to ask one of you girls when you woke up.''

She grinned before retrieving a piece of paper from her storage ring and began, ''We're split up, but none of our fights overlap so that we can watch everyone's matches. But enough of that, Ella is in the Light Group, Talila is in Darkness, Hemera is Fire, Llyniel is Earth, Halime and Leira are in Thunder, while you are in Cosmos with Nefi and Nala, and I'm in Water.''

Archer raised an eyebrow before asking, ''Does it match your affinity or something? Or is it random picks?''

Llyniel answered his question, ''It's random, darling. Well, that's what Mother and Father told us.''

He smiled and replied to the wood elf's question, ''Okay. Do you girls want to visit my kingdom? I have to see Aisha and Mohamet.''

They all gave him a nod, but Halime suddenly said, ''Is Leira pregnant? Hecate didn't scan her, and she may just be late.''

''What makes you ask that, Hali? Does it bother you if she is?'' Archer inquired, curiosity lacing his voice.

Halime shook her head before replying, ''No. Any child of yours is mine, Arch, but we must be certain because her family will be angry as you two aren't married yet.

Archer nodded, ''Okay, let's sort this out now. Llyniel, you get Hecate, and Teuila, can you get Leira, please?''

They smiled before departing, leaving Archer alone with Halime, who wore a guilt-ridden expression as she gazed at him. However, he chuckled before rising to his feet and approached Halime.

Halime barely reached his chest in height. With a gentle touch, he lifted her chin with his finger, guiding her yellow snake eyes to meet his violet ones. Archer spoke with a knowing smirk, "I'm not angry with you. But I can't help but look at your seductive body, Hali. You look stunning and have made me horny."

Leaning in closer, he spoke seductively, "My Snake Slave. Pleasure me until we're thoroughly satisfied."

Halime swallowed nervously, feeling a rush of arousal coursing through her, causing her pussy to grow wet. Despite her apprehension, she agreed with a small smile.

She grabbed his hand and tugged him towards one of the bedrooms, determination shining in her eyes. Once inside, she swiftly dropped to her knees, her submissive posture contrasting sharply with her usual quiet demeanor.

With practiced ease, she freed Archer's cock from his pants, her actions fueled by an affection that seemed to have been waiting to burst forth. As she took him into her mouth, her lips enveloping him, he was taken aback by the intensity of her desire.

The sensation of her warm mouth and eager tongue sent shivers down his spine, and he couldn't help but gasp in pleasure. Halime's skilled sucking caused him to let out a moan as her long tongue licked every inch of his cock.

Archer found himself swept away by the unexpected passion of his usually reserved companion. Her quiet moans and the way she eagerly took him deeper only fueled his arousal further.

He found himself captivated by the raw hunger in her eyes as she pleasured him with such devotion. As Halime continued to suck him with shameless devotion, Archer surrendered to the overwhelming sensation, his mind reeling in pleasure.

It was a moment of pure ecstasy, one that left him breathless and yearning for more. As Halime pleasured Archer, she sensed his growing lust and felt a surge of desire within herself.

Pausing for a moment, she released him from her mouth, her lips trailing down his shaft before she tenderly kissed his balls, eliciting a soft moan from him. Unlike the previous night with Teuila, Halime's approach was different.

It was not driven by urgency or desire but by a gentle, loving touch. She explored his body as the lust took over her, Halime's movements deliberate and filled with affection.

With delicate strokes of her tongue. She traced a path along his inner thighs, leaving a trail of kisses in her wake until she reached his cock and started sucking it again with even more vigor now than before as her lust overtook her, causing her to go into a pleasure-filled daze.

She still stroked him as she ran her tongue along the tip, causing him to jerk due to the pleasure that washed over him. Archer looked down and saw a puddle of love juices pooling between her legs, which sent him wild.

Unable to restrain himself longer, he leaped to his feet, an urge pulsating through his veins. He effortlessly lifted Halime after getting up, her body melting against his with a gasp of surprise.

Carried by the heat of the moment, he laid her gently on the bed, his movements fueled by a raw, unbridled passion. With eager hands, he swiftly removed her panties, exposing her glistening sex to his hungry gaze.

Without a moment's hesitation, he plunged into her depths, his cock sliding effortlessly into her wet, inviting pussy. Halime's scream of ecstasy filled the room as he began to thrust into her with a fervor born of pure desire.

Each movement sent shockwaves of pleasure rippling through her body, igniting a firestorm of sensation that threatened to consume them both. Driven by an insatiable hunger, Archer moved urgently, his movements becoming more frenzied with each passing moment.

The air crackled with electricity as passion washed over the couple. Their moans mingled like a sweet melody. Halime cast a spell of cleansing over her mouth in a moment of sheer abandon, erasing any lingering traces of her earlier activities.

Then, with a hunger that bordered on desperation, she pulled him closer, her lips crashing against his in a fierce, passionate kiss. Their mouths met in a clash of tongues and teeth, each kiss more fervent than the last.

In that moment, their souls intertwined, their hearts united by a deep yearning and passion. Lost in the intensity of the moment, they surrendered to the overwhelming rush of pleasure, moving together in perfect synchronization.

Their bodies melded in an exquisite dance, ascending to peaks of ecstasy that Halime had never before experienced. As Archer continued to make love to the snake girl with wild abandon, her screams of ecstasy filled the room, echoing off the walls.

Each thrust sent waves of sensation coursing through her body, igniting a firestorm of desire that threatened to consume her. Halime's nails dug into his back, her grip tight as she begged for more, her voice a desperate plea for release, ''Give me more, Arch! It feels so good.''

Halime's body writhed beneath him, every movement driving him deeper into her, fueling the flames of passion that burned between them. With each thrust, he felt himself teetering on the edge of oblivion, his desire driving him to the brink of madness.

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