A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale

Chapter 470: Demonic Decisions Lead into Demonic Outcomes.

Chapter 470: Demonic Decisions Lead into Demonic Outcomes.

Multiple proficiency requirements fulfilled. [Water Resistance Lv. 9] [Instruction Lv. 3] gained

Providences Will: A catalyst created from the concentrated core of the Light Elemental Emperor, created through the otherworldly magic of the Goddess of Light, Aurena. Using the blood of the Goddess of Fairness and Equality, Andira, while she was still a mortal, it catalyzed the materials used in an alchemical process, freezing everything to create an imitation of the sun that once looked down on its followers. A mind similar to a slime was transplanted into this catalyst due to this process, having witnessed Goddess Andira in question. It chooses its owner.

Owner: [Marius von Zahbak]

Skills: Information Blocked for all but the Owner

I despise this.

You would think [Mana Eyes] wouldnt betray me when it comes to appraising a simple item, right? Well, think again! This was certainly an infuriating moment, similar to hitting your pinky toe against something hard. That pain and frustration boiling inside you was what I felt when I read Information Blocked.

This was my true nemesis. Not the Prince of Envy. This.

Okay, joking aside, I felt exhausted having to see those two words. Thankfully, this time, somebody actually had an explanation for why my appraisal skill wasnt working.

[Providences Will] adapts to its owner, Fleindia told me, prompting me to ask her to elaborate. The reason why you cant see the skills and enchantments is because the catalyst generates the skills needed to perfectly assist its master. I told you, this catalyst is the mightest artifact to the Church of the Goddess, allowing somebody to reach the heights of a master mage just from equipping it! Yes, granting powerful skills and enchantment is one way catalysts help their wielders, but its even better when its skills are tailor made for every new owner.

You mean, its like a skeleton key? It fits perfectly into all keyholes and can unlock everything under the heavens? I asked, confusing her with the trope. After I explained the Earth concept to her, she shook her head.

In that case, no. It would be similar to an alchemist creating a catalyst specifically to bolster your abilities. The catalyst is the alchemist. The catalysts skills are never constant; they are different with every new owner, except for one enchantment.

The one that allows it to adapt. Fleindia nodded to my answer.

The slime in the description is entirely a metaphor. There is no intelligence inside it, aside from the Divine System guiding it. Its ability to adapt its skills to its weilder regardless of who they are is so extraordinary that alchemists from practically every era had to try to copy it, but none have ever succeeded. God Istari is every mage and scholars ideal, but none have reached him yet. The font of unending curiosity has never been replaced.

She then touched the catalyst, caressing it as if it was a newborn, the most precious treasure in the world.

Yet, this is why this is a divine artifact, a treasure one cannot replace. The weapon Popess Gwynevere used to remind the world there is a gap between our era and those from before the Divine System. [Providences Will] is nobodys catalyst; it serves the Church of Aurena and it decides who shall wield it.

Then why? I hesitated. Why did it choose the Vicar?

Fleindia frowned. We heard his story Maybe that is the reason. The gods can see us, after all.

He was marked by a slave tattoo even before we arrived. That means this thing decided to help somebody who clearly is working against the benefit of its religion. Are you sure this isnt some replica? A scam made by the gods?

Hestia! Please, dont say such heresy!

I raised a brow, doubtful. I then picked the catalyst up and began inspecting, even trying to pull off the metal ball it was trapped inside.

Hestia! She slapped my hand, looking furious. All the proof you needed was the fact you cannot appraise it! If it was a counterfeit, there would be no way your eyes would have missed it.

I did sound childish.

Then, how about usurping it?

Fleindia stared at me as if she was getting fed up.

With a meek voice, I replied, Because the slime chooses its owner, even if I removed the Vicars possession over it, it wouldnt do anything.

She nodded.


I felt like such a child at this moment, but I had my rights. I was still a kid! Haha!

Urgh, I felt a headache. The quiet before the storm, indeed, but this quiet felt so deafening it made me even more nervous. I havent felt this anxious before a battle since since the Elyonda siege. My hasty flight with Mom felt like an eternity as we returned to the city after the Prince of Envys trap, as I was worrying with a pounding heart about the state of it and the people there.

I was scared. Scared stiffless that Akashts death would repeat itself. As the demonkin said, there were no surprises left we could give them, and since we entered their territory, they had the advantage. The only thing I could do was fight. Fight with all I had and beat them down like I did the Warbringer. There might be an over 30 levels difference, but my dragon forms and buffs meant I could bridge that gap.

Yet, even with all the insurances Ive prepped and the fact I trusted my friends and allies, it still felt so uncomfortable. We were prepared, but there was never enough for me. I had to assure that everybody survived and we would eat and drink, frolicking together during a feast. That was my greatest desire right now.

Fleindia laid a hand on my shoulder. I know youre nervous, but you cannot worry about every single detail. Even if we cannot use the catalyst, it is better we have it in our possession than in the enemys hands.

I nodded. I understood that, but the rational side was being beaten by the emotional. Two days had passed and my skills werent improving as fast as I wanted, a known fact due to my abundance of high-leveled skills. The skill shop was practically useless to me at this point due to the lack of new and interesting skills.

Thankfully, SP was still too useful to ignore, as I believed the fastest way to improve at this point was to spend them on upgrading skills. My parallel minds have been on the job to find out which skill was the best for a plan I had to defeat the Prince of Envy. Even if the choices were obvious, the amount of SP I needed made me a bit hesitant. It would cost me about 6000 SP.

Which was why I was trying to get another big boost by getting this catalyst on my side. A weapon able to defeat two large armies would surely help us a ton, but, sadly, things wouldnt be that easy.

Therefore, I threw the catalyst into my storage and told Fleindia I would be speaking with Ellaine. The second part of todays schedule involved her, or more specifically, with KleaHatma. The last aberrationthe last safety netfor the Prince of Envy was destroyed just recently, and its shards were still with us.

Now the question was what we would do with them.

Leaving our subspaces living room, I entered our training area to the rambunctious shouting of my team members. Considering this technically was Moms dragon forms roosting area, it was sizable to the point a small army could probably fit in. Meaning, our elite group here should have no trouble finding a spot to fight in, but this was my party.

I frowned as I stared as the saurians trained with Saoris shadow pack, forcing them to utilize their new skill set to coordinate their team fight, while I witnessed Yorshka and Midirn dueling the twins on the ceiling. Magic was slung around, where I could see Renee leading the students in a charge against Tasianna acting like a demon king guarding a fortress.

Arrrgh, Tasianna, stop it! This is too cold! Tatsuya shouted as I saw being launched through the air and crashing on the ground. His werewolf figure had patches of ice freezing his shoulder, ankles, and tail.

The other students werent doing any better, as Kyouya and Kohaku were being blocked by two [Winters Golem] and the range fighters in Nishio and Misaki couldnt shoot projectiles due to Tasianna overwhelming them with spells. Asaka, Daichi, and Kazumi were allowed to get close, but they still needed to get past her levitating ice blades.

Sheesh, Tasianna! That blade nearly cut my face! Asaka shouted as she conjured a graffit can with her beige slime to spray a white smokescreen out.

Hahaha, do not call me Tasianna, everybody! Today, I am the snow witch! Tasianna cackled like a maniac on top of her ice castle before putting on a snow cape. Peering out of the holes, she raised her hands out to command her ice blades to descend upon her enemies. And I shall protect my ladys fortress with my life! All who dare approach me shall be frozen solid, just like the statues decorating our garden!

I then looked at the snowmen guarding the fortresss gate and couldnt help but smile awkwardly. It was training, but why did this look so comical? The students were being put through a spartan training, but still, I couldnt help but suppress my laughter.

Everybody, if we falter now, we will not be able to do anything during the actual fight! She is only one woman, do not freGoddesss wings! A hail of ice blades interrupted Renee during her speech, even making it impossible for her to use her swordsmanship. Ahh, okay, if this is how you want to train, then let us fight! Ones gods blessing against the others!

Everybody seems to be working hard.

Training our skills and combat abilities was all we could do inside here, unless we wanted to head out and kick some dungeon monsters butt for some unique Job levels. Leveling itself was quite hard due to our high levels and the number of people who needed to level, but it was better than nothing. Then again, none of us went full hardcore dungeon diving for levels.

Meanwhile, what about me? I was stuck here, unable to actually go to the dungeon since I had to coordinate the concert. Sure, a raid was about to happen, but assuring the concert was successful was just as important to me. A good show would lead to a more motivated me, and that meant me producing more songs and also finishing my new custom spell for the sake of the show.

I left the rest of my party to their own training, instead turning my gaze over towards a group of women, crowding around a bowl with purple glass fragments. Approaching them, my face slackened a bit as I saw them arguing.

My voltaic lightning can be countered through mana contamination disrupting my mana control, but its different for the second seat. You cant catch him that easily with your mana paths. Vifi waved her hand dismissively at Sis.

Neill, on the other hand, raised a brow and scowled at her. Yeah, I know, cause we didnt get the chance to appraise him. Thats why Im asking you for some answers here, so why arent you answering? Youre actually lying, right? To my dear little sister, huh?

Oh, fuck off! I already told you everything I could when I beat your ass during our spar! Sparks flew between them. Vifi clicked her tongue, but still kept her composure. Im telling you, the only way is to feel it. Like how you adapted to my speed, thats how you have to deal with him. I learned most of my movements from him, but hes been in the fight for 30 years. Instead of me, why arent you asking your sister?

She then turned her attention to me. She managed to hit him right in his chest.

He has no aerial movement outside of [Air Walk], I said. He needs to be in contact with his mud for his super speed to work, and even if he can move quickly, there is an initial delay, unlike with Vifis movement. I caught him out in surprise with my rocket boosters, before landing him with a strike with nearly all my attack modifiers. Thats how Tasianna and the wyverns caught him initially as well.

Sis, though, wasnt too happy with my answer as she shook my head. I know all that, I saw it. The issue is that even when frozen, he managed to escape before I killed him. He was also always in contact with his mud, even when you caught him. Catching an experienced opponent off-guard is rare, and not exactly my forte. I hit hard from whatever range, but its never quiet. Even if I leveled up my stealth skills with SP, I dont have enough nor do I have the time to level up for the amount needed.

True, which is why that is my forte, Saori interjected. Always has been since I traveled with Hestia. The question is how do we work with each other to fight him, unless he tries to separate us again. Both sin heirs will fight together this time, and if the Prince wants to join in, we will have even more issues. We also have to worry about the Vicar and the demonkin soldiers that will have black elixirs on them.

This was our conundrum. We might have had more time to prepare, but that also meant our enemy had the same opportunity to do the same. We were unfortunately forced to do it this way for the sake of the people. I wouldnt allow collateral damage and the waste of innocent lives who had nothing to do with our fight, not to mention the risk of hostages.

Saving a religion wouldnt do us any good if we allowed so many people to die due to our fighting. I wasnt a superhero, sure, but I wanted to be better than the people who caused the accident in Elyonda. Vifi executed everything due to her own ambitions as a soldier, but we werent military here. Just some adventurers who got a Quest and would do it the right way.

[Sometimes I do wonder if I should say something but the emotional tension between all of you is always a delight to witness! It makes me happy below.]

Neill, Saori, Vifi, and I all shivered as that voice entered our heads. Even to a demonkin, that creepiness Klea exuded with her words was chilling.

[The demon is correct, though.] Interrupting our confusion, Belzac spoke. [I did not feel anything special about that man. He is just skilled, and this is something one can see without [Identify].]

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Vifi nodded. Second seat doesnt have a unique skill as I do, he just inherited the [Mud Magic] from his magic teacher which led to him creating his personal set of custom skills to complement his style of fighting. Donut and Teach should know it best.

Teach? I shrugged. Didnt know you got close enough to get a nickname from her.

The nickname is similar to yours. Saori scowled. She is teasing. In any case, I agree, custom spells made to fit ones fighting style are extremely powerful. If there is no trick behind his power, all we can do is to follow Hestias lead and remove him from his source of power, which I am still the best for.

Just worry about his Territory in that case. Vifi sighed. Then Rein is the saurians problem. Thats been settled.

During our planning, Neill wanted to have a rematch against the Warbringer due to what happened during the second attack. Her competitive nature showed and being embarrassed by him when we had the numbers advantage only made her want to beat him even more. Meanwhile, Master Kush, Krim, and Grazlahta deserved to fight the sin heir of envy for Akashts sake.

Naturally, if others could help, they should. It was simply a formality but a battlefield couldnt be fully predicted.

With things having calmed down, the fourth person of this group finally spoke upEllaine. If that is settled, then could we go back to the original topic? The aberration shards and my aberration.

Ellaine placed the demonic egg on the table next to the bowl of glass shards. Vifi stared at it, shaking her head while Klea kept crackling. Her howling was pretty annoying, but I could understand the sentiment here. This was a possible power increase.

So, just a warning, but there is still one more aberration left for Lord Envy, Vifi said. Fortunately, its the smallest. A weak aberration made for purely communication using the Princes soul as the conduit.

Which means, even if he revives through it, he would be too weak to actually fight back. With this last aberration dealt with, this last death of him will stifle his total strength, Ellaine added.

I nodded. So he would regress back how much?

[To the point he would without-a-doubt be replaced by the next sin heir,] Klea answered. [It actually happened to one of us archdemons before and the previous archdemon of wrath was quickly killed off and his position usurped. Actually, it happens a ton. We are immortal, so Ive seen it happen enough. He might be strong now, but his weakened body will not be able to hold the two [Original Sin] abilities in his blood Which makes me curious, actually. Vifi, dear?]

Yes, Mistress KleaHatma?

[I meant to ask, how did you demonkin manage to use our Original Sin abilities, anyways? They arent something a normal body can hold. It would be like Ellaine temporarily turning into a demonkin without my support. Her body wouldnt be able to control it.]

That blood crystal, no? Neill replied, remembering me mentioning Vifis sin crystal.

Our newest member nodded. Created by a previous Lord Sloth, the sin crystal we embed into our bodies holds and allows us to use the power after we take some elixirs to modify our bodies. That black elixir you kept mentioning is what weve been using to control that power. A less intrusive version, though, that only works if we have the sin crystal inside our body.

Can I remove it? I asked.

With your usurpation thingy? Maybe, but usually its impossible. Not only because the crystal our Princes get is more matured to the point they become one with their blood, but also because the crystals we sin heirs use require a chant. Each is unique, so I cant help. She shrugged.

The moment she officially joined our party, she had been far more talkative, helping us out with information. I tapped her shoulder with a smile, happy to see her like this. On the other hand, she gave me this look as if me touching her was disgusting. How was a shoulder pat cringe-worthy!

She returned to the topic. We call the elixir Demons Grace, and the current iteration is simply a prototype meant to help every demonkin to unleash their full might. The idea is to eventually transition into allowing non-sin heirs gain the ability to unleash Original Sin abilities. Think normal soldiers able to use things like Satanael or Yaldabaoth. BoleTaria would be a menace.

Saori nodded. Ambitious and true. Good thing we defeated Davison then before he could reveal his perfected version.

Donut told me about it, but yeah. Non-demonkin cannot use the elixir without having their bodies morphed, but to hear a human simply gaining a massive boost in power would make Lord Sloth super happy. Hes been recruiting alchemists like him to help him on this project, even non-humans like the grimgarians.

That would fully explain all the black elixirs weve seen.

Too bad we dont have a vampire or hemomancer then, heh, Neill joked, but I had to agree, similar to Vifi. If a demonkins source of power was their blood, then somebody who could sap it was their natural enemy.

Vifi cackled. Good thing Vampires are cowards and too pompous to fight back. Heard the majority do not even know how to fight, so even better. Idiots with power but no discipline. Easiest targets.

[It truly feels baffling to have two demon allies in this party I hope you understand what you are doing, whelpling,] Belzac said, but I told him to not worry. He grunted but left it at that. [Then enough of this. Ellaine, the aberration. What is it that harpy is suggesting?]

[Oh, Belzac, dear, Im not suggesting anything bad. Simply improving Ellaines survivability; what is so bad about that?]

[I trust you as much as I trust an elf to be humble.]

[Wow, that low, huh?] Klea sent Ellaines shocked face to everybody to express her emotions. [In any case, let us get back to topic.]

Before we deviate, again? For the third time? Ellaine grumbled, prompting Saori to apologize. Thank you, so, the aberration. Mine, as I said, is already in the phase of turning into a protector. In other words, a monster. Since Hestia broke the second aberration, we only have the pieces now, which led to Klea asking me if I wanted to do something with it.

[Two options,] Klea began. [Either you let your aberration eat the pieces and use it as a source of demonkin energy, but it isnt like you are out of options since you now have Vifi around! Not to mention myself, dear. The other option is to use it in alchemy.]

What are the advantages? Saori asked, looking at both the eyed rings on Ellaines hands and Vifi.

The latter shook her hands, telling us she had no idea at all but was immediately corrected by Neill, as none amongst us knew modern lust demonkin as well as she did. After all, if the aberration remains were used for alchemy, it would be to create a catalyst. Since Ellaine used a lust demons power, knowing what lust demonkin used might help.

Well, it isnt like I dont know, but Im still not the best reference. I dont speak with lust demonkin outside of work Well, except for one, but shes pretty weird. Vifi sighed, looking annoyed.

[Oooh, somebody important?] Klea teased.

No, not really. Just the current Prince of Lust.

Huh! Us girls let out, jerking back a bit by this revelation.

Shes five years older than me and a fellow sin heir. Around my age, as well, but not like I was the type to initiate the discussion.

Cant see it, Neill said, causing Vifi to scowl at her.

Shaking her head in annoyance, she continued, She did, so I knew her. The previous Prince of Lust sacrificed herself to bring the brats over to this world, while the two other sin heirs said, Nah, too much work and just shoved the honor over to the youngest.

[Haha, I can get behind these descendants!] Klea cheered. [So, how are they empowering their stuff? Youve seen Ellaine spar, so how does she stand up against them?]

Easy question. She stands zero chance. Klea was blunt, causing Ellaine to nod with a frown. Its obvious unlike them, your lust powers are restricted by a skill that can only level up the more you use it, not to mention they have multiple years of experience over you. Your swordsmanship also needs work too, but you probably know that, right? Its the same thing.

As Ellaine began to look a bit deflated, Vifi continued, However, unlike you, our demonic powers are impure, which is why the demons grace was created. Its to make us pure, again. Whatever that means. Ill be honest, when it came to the technical and propaganda stuff, I never really listened. Doesnt help me live longer if I knew or not, unlike with maths, language, and geography. Even etiquette is more valuable, just so you dont piss off the nobles.

Sheesh, you cant even call her a bad student with that attitude.

Vifi then went into detail of what she knew about the lust demonkin, giving Ellaine a quick rundown of everything, which allowed Klea to help her training schedule. One notable thing I kept in my mind was that lust demonkin did not use conventional weapon, as their bodies could essentially become anything they wanted. Bones, muscles, and flesh could be turned into hammers, scythes, and even bows with infinite projectiles.

The current Prince is an expert in creating blood with mana, using them as projectiles and boosters. Some fly with their bone wings, she expels blood from her feet and flies forward, similar to Donuts flames coming from her wings. Shes also an expert in mixing multiple weapon types into one abomination of an arm, meaning shes similar to us Wrathbringers with our multiple elemental weapons. We sparred a ton where I gave her some tips, so you can expect her to prefer the weapons I usually use.

[Mhmm, adaption to current times and environment, so it makes sense. Makes my training seem quite archaic, huh? However, nothing beats overwhelming power or dropping massive amount of flesh and bone onto a target and causing them to explode!] Klea said.

[From your barbaric usage, it evolved into something more elegant,] Belzac laughed. [Regardless, do not forget this power is restricted by your imagination, Ellaine, yet trying to divert from your current training might not be beneficial. Your must slowly integrate everything, not haphazardly throw techniques out after you just heard about it.]

Heh, sounded almost like me when I spoke with JumiUh, sorry, the Prince of Lust. She has a pretty lackadaisical mindset, but unlike other lust demonkin, she is committed to training, even if her motivation is pretty corrupt. Even after everything I told you, she is not a master. She isnt even close technique-wise, but she makes up for it with being unpredictable. Elegance? Ha, she fights more like a berserker than I do.

I agree, only when you arent M.E.P., I said.

Vifi shrugged. Which is why the catalyst lusties create revolves around boosting their fire power or mana control, allowing their unpredictable fighting style to shine with seamless mixing and switching of flesh manipulation. They rarely use magic, since they need all the mana to keep their flesh going, but they will overpower you with melee attacks. You can do the same and even the playing field, or, in my opinion, take a note from how Territories work and make your ability able to control the field.

[Or, feed the remains to the aberration and it might evolve now. It might even mutate from this new aberration source, like a blood-frenzy wolf once became a monster of forest by eating others,] Klea dissed Belzac. [So, the decision is yours, dear. I recommend you choosing now, since our alchemists require all the time they can get to brew your potions.]

I see, thank you everybody!

And with that, the last discussion of the day ended and most continued with their training. Ellaine needed more time to think but I heard she made her choice before dinner, although I wasnt sure what it was as I was training with Saori to train up my plan to counter the Prince of Envy. All of this was to fully prepare for this one task.

When it became clear that it could work, I fully committed to what my parallel minds told me and invested into the necessary skills. Even Master told me it might be the best option we had if I was trapped against the Prince of Envy and wanted to prevent him from killing our souls with Yaldabaoth.

With our plans finalized, we informed our outside allies about them, which included Muraina, and that we would execute on everything soon. Hearing this, it only made me feel like my shoulders were heavier than usual.

Were ready, Hestia.

When I heard that sentence from a familiar voice, I nodded and turned around, staring at this elite group. Everybody was fully armed with Grimnirs equipment, made through all the new tools and techniques he had gained during his stay in the Ankor-Nazta, which included his own blessing.

It was the 21st of WinterSun. The final day had arrived. It was time for the Battle of Aureolis to finally commence.

It was time to free Aurenas church.

Multiple proficiency requirements fulfilled. [Accuracy Correction Lv. 9] [Fear Resistance Lv. 10] gained

Multiple proficiency requirements fulfilled [Mental Warfare Lv. 10] [Thought Acceleration Lv. 10] [High-Speed Calculation Lv. 10] [Multi-Thought Processing Lv. 10] gained. Your Current SP is 1400

Skill requirement fulfilled. [Mental Stability Lv. 10], [Concentration Lv. 10], [Mental Corruption Resistance Lv. 10], [Mind Protection Lv. 10],[Thought Acceleration Lv. 10], [High-Speed Calculation Lv. 10], and [Multi-Thought Processing Lv. 10] merged into [Mental World]

Mental World: The mind of the user becomes fully realized, increasing the effectiveness of mental offense and resistance. Expands the capacity of thought using the Divine System to formulate thoughts and materialize spells at the cost of mana. When affected by a foreign mental attack, initiates a mental battle between all participants using their souls. Skills included are: [Concentration Lv. 10] [Mental Corruption Resistance Lv. 10] [Mind Protection Lv. 10][Thought Acceleration Lv. 10] [High-Speed Calculation Lv. 10] [Multi-Thought Processing Lv. 10]

Custom spell gained: [Quartz Regen]

Spell Song gained: [Slave to My Love]

Name: Hestia Atsuko Kargryxmor Level: 32 Race: Young Sunfang Dragon

Age: 1 Year Jobs: [Tyrant Diva] EP: 5/30

Status: Health: 20001 (+461) Mana: 50385 (+594)

Strength: 11282 (+101) Intelligence: 16264 (+184)

Vitality: 6038 (+29) Wisdom: 8075 (+54)

Agility: 15023 (+92) Stamina: 11769 (+178)

Effects: None

Skill Points: 1400 (-6050)

Unique Skill: [Dreadflame Dragon Lv. 6] [Hellblade Dragon Lv. 6]

[Solar Core Lv. 6] (+1) [Venerated Saintess Lv. 6] (+1) [Idol Lv. 7] (+1)

[Volcanic Blaze] [Drakonian Sunlight Edge]

Skill: Magic skills and related:

[Lightning Magic Lv. 6] (+1) [White Flames Lv. 7]

[Corrosive Fire Lv. 7] (+1) [Sacred Magic Lv. 8] [Terra Magic Lv. 4]

[Wind Magic Lv. 10] [Wind Amp] [Wind Magic Efficiency]

[Storm Magic Lv. 4] [Space-Time Magic Lv. 6]

[Space-Time Magic Efficiency] [True Draconic Lineage]

[True Draconic Barrier Lv. 1] (New) [Silent Casting Lv. 10]

[Magic Power Enhancement Lv. 10]

[Mental Warfare Lv. 8] [Fluid Cast Lv. 7]

[Delayed Cast Lv. 6] (+1) [Continuous Cast Lv. 6] [Mana Eyes Lv. 8]

Physical skills and related:

[True Unarmed Technique Lv. 3] (+1) [Sword Technique Lv. 1]

[Tyrants Voice Lv. 1] (New) [All-Damage Enhancement Lv. 2] (+1)

Senses and movement skills:

[Silence Lv. 1] [Accuracy Correction Lv. 9] (+1)

[Foresight Lv. 6] (+1)

[Danger Perception Lv. 10] [Probability Correction Lv. 8]

[Detection Sensor Lv. 5] (+1) [Enhanced Olfactory Sense Lv. 6]

[Enhanced Vision Lv. 10] [Tracking Lv. 5] [Night Vision Lv. 10]

[Odorless Lv. 1]


[Physical Super-Resistance Lv. 10] [Absolute Pain Tolerance]

[Mana Leak Resistance Lv. 10] [Abnormal Status Nullification]

[Fear Resistance Lv. 10] (+1) [Lightning Resistance Lv. 10]

[Sacred Resistance Lv. 6] [Storm Resistance Lv. 5]

[Water Resistance Lv. 9] (+3) [Tenebrous Resistance Lv. 1]


[Stage Fever Lv. 8] (+1) [Handicraft Lv. 7] [Woodworking Lv. 8]

[Stonecrafting Lv. 1] [Trap Creation Lv. 10] [Instruction Lv. 3] (+1)

[Identity Blocker Lv. 10] [Tranquil Mind Lv. 6] (+1) [Cooking Lv. 9]

[Saints Aura Lv. 2] (New) [Draconic Aura Lv. 5] [Royal Presence Lv. 6] (+1)

[Scale Manipulation Lv. 5] [Territory Release Lv. 4] (+1)

[Dismantle Lv. 9]

[Parallel Thoughts Lv. 10] [Core Regulation]

[Humanize Lv. 10] [Telepathy] [Aerokinesis]

Ability List: Dragon:

[Dreadflare Aura] [Hellblade Edge] [Scale-Dust Veil] [Hellflame Breath]

[Solar Beam] [Magmakammer]


[Spiral] [Spark Crescent]


[Dragoon Jump] [Gale Steps] [Dragoon Dive]

Spell List: Custom Magic:

[Symphonie des Feuergottes] [Prayer] [Sanctified Blaze]

[Sanctified Blaze: Halo of Consecration] [Ignite] [Panzer] [Unheilge Engel]

[Scorching Sun] [Hydra] [Sun, Consume All] [Quartz Regen]

Custom Spell Song:

[The Will to Fight and Survive] [Dragon Fire] [My Darkest Thoughts]

[The Heir of Hope] [Strength and Wisdom] [Slave to My Love]

Lightning Magic:

[Lightning Bolt] [Purple Flash] [Levin Core]

[Overload] [Clouds of Thunder] [Ramuh]

Holy Magic:

[Sacred Smite] [Sacred Veil] [Sacred Field] [Banishment Beam]

[Major Heal] [Omnictus] [Gloria Ascendence] [Heavens Sword]

Earth Magic

[Terra Wall] [Bedrock Blades] [Rumbling Might] [Ruinous Rockfall]

Wind Magic:

[Wind Bullet] [Wind Cutter] [Air Shield] [Wind Slash]

[Swift Winds] [Wind Blast] [Featherfall] [Aerial Blitz]

[Tornado Bullet] [Sylphids Cloak] [Tailwind] [Cyclone Madness]

Space-Time Magic:

[Haste] [Storage Magic] [Warp Point: Entry] [Warp Point: Exit] [Room]

The Light Magic:

[Shine] [Sanctuary] [Miraculous Grace]

Titles: [The Light] [Bearer of Kargryxmors Blood] [Divine Inferno]

[Otherworldly Reincarnator] [Princess]


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